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  1. Thinking of building a concrete sectional garage at the back of my council house approx 20ft x 12ft. do i need to get planning permission 1st from the council.
  2. I've been traveling from Sheffield to Leicester for the last 18 months five days a week. The roadworks are a joke. Nealy every day someone either crashes or breaks down. 50mph for about 20 od miles.
  3. Just watched Never took my eyes off for 70 mins. Brilliant.
  4. Can anyone recommend somewhere who could print a company logo/name & number on 5 Hi-viz shirts in Sheffield.
  5. Mod Note: Please use the Vacancy section of the classifieds. Closing.
  6. just wondering about the best way to start advertising,getting customers etc.
  7. just basic servicing/ repairs to start, with no overheads etc to pay for means cheaper servicing etc.
  8. I'm thinking of starting repairing & servicing petrol lawnmowers & other garden tools from my garage. Does anyone think its worth while. I'd like plenty of feedback.
  9. How old is the garage, mine was built in 1964 & its still got the asbestos roof on.
  10. I would take someone along with you who's got a better understanding of buying a used car.
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