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  1. We're having builder issues at the moment too. Wonder if it's the same company
  2. Try some other local rescue centres. Why are you getting rid of it?
  3. Thank goodness not all the chicks were killed. I would have gone in after my dog too even if she wasn't after the chicks but to tell her off for having bad recall!!
  4. When I was last out at Stanage (my dog was on the lead despite her always sticking to paths and not being a chaser - she's a laid back Collie!) I was speaking to a conservationist and apparently it's illegal to have your dog off the lead when ground birds are nesting.
  5. Thanks for confirming as I thought it said that. So dogs don't have to be on a lead as long as they are kept under control. I'm not an selfish idiotic owner after all then ?
  6. Does it say it at the entrances of the listed parks? Or is it just this document that was written in 66?
  7. It does not say that all dogs have to be on leads. It states that dogs should be under control and not cause annoyance and if they do then they should be on a leash. Signs entering parks state that dogs need to be kept under control and it does not say that this must be done by using a lead. I'm going to continue being one of these selfish idiot owners you talk of who allows their dog off the lead. I mentioned previously my dog has excellent recall and does not cause any problems for other people. If there are signs that specifically state dogs to be on a lead I adhere to those.
  8. Seriously, ban dogs from public parks because one dog hasn't been kept under control!? I've nearly been ran into by children on bikes and scooters (in areas where it is clearly sign posted stating that no bikes are allowed) so maybe we should ban bikes and scooters from public parks too!! My dog has better recall than out of control children on wheels. Poor Moorhens
  9. Yep, it most certainly did! I must admit it was a relief though as at first glance I thought it was a small dog.
  10. We were there last week and noticed it parked up and intact. I say parked up but looked more dumped diagonally across the parking spaces. Was also there this week and saw it burnt out. I was with my son and as a typical little boy would he had to have a poke around! I saw what looked like a burnt fox. I investigated further and it was in fact a real fox but a scarf so dead long before the fire!
  11. There was some 'hooha' at the bottom of London Road this afternoon. 40+ football fans sprawled out on the street and into the road. They were stopping cars from passing through and banging on them. I should imagine there'll be a few thick heads tomorrow!
  12. They are such a nuisance. I was in Millhouses Park enjoying the sunshine on Tuesday and they were tearing up and down Abbeydale Road South. They looked like they were in their mid 20s. They need to grow up and stop acting like antisocial teenagers! Everyone needs to keep reporting it to 101.
  13. Did it have a name on the collar? Where is it now?
  14. Does anyone know if they are any good for a passport photo of a 2 week old? Cheers!
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