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  1. It brought quite a lot of the road up on South Rd - looked like an earthquake had happened!!
  2. Ditto llamatron - the film looks hilarious!
  3. Mine haven't come up yet either Debk, I'm thinking it's because of the cold so they might surface a bit later? I'll be gutted if they've died as this was their third year and I've been holding off harvesting them til now!
  4. Did anyone find they go a bit over board on the salt?? Personally, (mainly for this reason) I'd say the Kashmir floors it.
  5. Stopping fascist psychopathic dictators from taking over the whole of Europe??
  6. Are you looking for non Winn Gardeners as well?
  7. I know a tv programme to be aired later in the year on Ch.4 is being filmed in Stannington today, next Monday, and next Tuesday. They are filming in a house in Deer Park Way and the vicinity.
  8. Please could you post your recipe libuse? - I love patatas bravas!
  9. when they get more than two leaves on them you'll have to move them to a bigger pot. If you got them from a hot country I would have the pot and soil you're transferring them to inside for a day or two so the soil can warm to the same temp as the soil the seedlings are in. Hot climate plants are quite wussy and I've lost a few transplanting them to cold, outdoor temp. soil. In may they should be OK outdoors, if thats where you're wanting to put them.
  10. The first one is Arabic, it says "Ahlen wa Sahlen" which means "welcome"
  11. Yes Teafan, but it's not to do with lack of money - it's the attitudes of the people.
  12. I am absolutely tired of people equating run down dirty areas with poverty. When I was growing up my parents were dirt poor - but they had dignity. Our house was spotless and the garden well kept and tidy. Laziness and lack of self respect is the problem. The money they have they just choose to spend it on a Sky subscription rather than a yard brush and a pair of shears. Simple as.
  13. I agree with Fox - read the article guys the debate is about the council taking down the Somali tenents privately owned dishes and not putting them back. I'm not sure why they can't - when the council clad the houses in Stannington with external insulation and then render, they put the dishes back there. We have cladding on our house, the Sky man just used 9" bolts to go through the cladding and in to the brickwork.
  14. Ikea did sell them as we got one a while back - checkout their website.......
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