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  1. Have you ever tried ringing the council and getting through to the correct department? I did know you check this forum and hoped you might pick it up, thanks for the response. Morning run to work was back to normal this morning
  2. What is so galling is that until he actually resigns or waits for the next election nobody not even parliament can do anything about it (or even appear to want to do anything about it). In the meantime the Hallam constituents continue to suffer and be unrepresented
  3. It appears the powers that be have been playing with the traffic signal timings again (or they've brought their children to work since the holidays have started and let them loose!) Anyway at about 7-15am I travel to work along Penistone Rd into town and although it could be busy it's now stupid at the junction with Albert Terrace Road and Rutland Rd. Traffic used to be halted on Penistone Rd at Albert terrace Rd leaving traffic coming out of Albert Terrace Rd and turning right a free run up to the red light at Rutland Rd before changing to green and allowing traffic to proceed and it all worked pretty well. What happens now is Rutland Rd changes to red and allows traffic on Penistone Rd to back up to Albert Terrace Rd before the lights there on Penistone Rd change to red and Albert Terrace Rd gets a green. Traffic from Albert Terrace can't then get across without stopping in the yellow box junction and causes a backlog on Penistone Rd and plenty of frayed tempers. On my way home at around 4pm I also travel down Parkway and onto Derek Dooley Way where they've been playing with the lights at the Wicker as well causing traffic to back up to Parkway where it used to be generally clear. Anyway moan over
  4. Can anyone recommend a Nissan specialist in Sheffield (not Bristol St motors)?
  5. Quick Google search shows up William Rowland 9 -13 Meadow St, Sheffield S3 7BL
  6. Yes but he's correct. For instance Penistone Rd dual carriageway has a 30 limit. Can anyone define "Normal Road"?
  7. Slavery "a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them" These are volunteers, giving up their own time in order to benefit others. If it were not for these people the library would close and the village would lose a marvellous resource. These volunteers are in no way taking the places of people or taking the place of paid employment.
  8. Does anyone know if Morrisons Hillsborough have got Christmas wreaths in this year? If not where can I get some around Hillsborough/Crookes
  9. Does anyone know if this rescue is still running or not. My wife was hoping to make a donation for Christmas.
  10. I had more trouble dodging the buckets than the salesmen on Saturday
  11. It's no longer Spar. It's now Your Local or something. If they carry on as they are doing it won't be local for long. Not totally sure the PO is closing though as they are updating all the PO machines this week. I am aware all the old staff are talking of redundancy notices though
  12. Evans Halshaw promise to beat wbac but I've always used Autotrader rather than trade in and found it an excellent way of selling my cars in the past. Price it competitively and it will sell quite quickly if you're honest about it.
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