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  1. I think I got my answer... thank you sir. Your help is much appreciated. Kind regards.
  2. Hi Guys, I am trying to set up a new website I was wondering if using word BRIT in my domain might be offensive to anyone? eg britacademy or britskill etc. My neighbour said it might be offensive to some people. Your kind replies will be much appreciated. Kind regards.
  3. That is so right I learnt a lot from this forum. All members are very :help:ing
  4. What do you exactly mean by transactional website? Do you mean a crowd funding website?
  5. If you need any guidance on SEO you can ask us it totally free on this forum as a gift from us to Sheffield. Kind regards, bonwebuk
  6. I am seriously thinking about leaving web design business (although earning decent money) and starting a male strippers club with gay and wealthy female members. At least i can earn money with my six packs seems like my gym hard work is going to pay off now....
  7. SEO is also another option pal... We started 3 weeks ago and already on 6th page of Google for our highly competitive keywords. Also managed to get a local client on first page of Google earlier... So do consider this option. Kind regards, Bonwebuk
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