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  1. I agree. Homeward and soft furnishings retail shops are not classed as essential at all...yet some if not all the staff from those companies are being told yo go into work as they can do click and collect to get money in the door. Buying a wardrobe or some cushions is not really an essential item to live right now. Food is!! I am one of those staff members being told to keep going to work in a non essential shop for click and collect. Whatever happened to the safety of the employees during this pandemic???....its now about getting money through the door.
  2. I agree with what you say about the schools and keywokers. The list is now so cast that people are getting confused. I have a junior school at the bottom of my road and its still as busy as ever since the start of this 2nd national lockdown. I understand that there are some parents that are still working from home but that does not mean they are classed as a keyworker which enables them to use the school as a babysitting service which is what the government wants to happen. They keyworker list needs to be only NHS. GP surgery workers, Grocery shop workers. Care workers etc. Homeware shops selling soft furnishings and furniture should be closed to the public and click and collect. With still too many people out and about going into work this pandemic will not ease until there are less people moving around.
  3. The way to make the lockdown stricter is by stopping any click and collect options in any shops not selling food. Schools should be open to only keyworkers children like the first lockdown and masks to be worn in public places as well as outdoors. There are far too many cars still out and about on the roads because some shops have managed to get round the loophole of click and collect and remain open. I'm a retail worker for a huge company with over 400 staff in the building. Still working click and collect orders for items which are not classed as essential and its difficult to keep away from eachother when doing these orders when it is always so very busy. The company want all the staff to work and not be furloughed again. If Boris wants to tighten things again. Stop click and collect for shops that don't sell food so that workers are kept safe and away from other people to ease the burden on the NHS.
  4. Found this facebook page for the above new gym. I've been informed they are trying to be open for the end of March. https://www.facebook.com/UisCommunityGym/
  5. My friend has told me that there will be a new gym opening above the H20 bathroom shop soon. Anyone have any info on this?
  6. As I was driving past the old Virgin Gym on Archer Road the other day I noticed that there was building work going on in the site. Does anyone have any Information on what's happening there?
  7. I am interested in learning sign language to help me to better myself at work and as a general life skill. Does anyone know of any courses near woodseats that I can do? Thankyou Tatum
  8. Someone made a suggestion of big fans being used to grow cannabis in one of the houses. We have just recently been seeing some sort of deals going on in one house and passing over of things in car windows.
  9. It's not tinnitus. My boyfriend, housemate and my neighbour all hear the same noise too. This is not a noise I've made up.
  10. The buzzing noise has gotten louder....not the supermarket. Really is getting to the point I have to keep my tv on at night to sleep. I ha e a video of the noise but cant upload on here for you to hear. Does anyone know if I can.or how I can complain about noise nuisance?
  11. Thanks. Morrisons is nearby. I'll scoot round the carpark but I've not seen any there in the last week. The mystery continues.
  12. Nearest tram is near manor top or town. Only have buses around here. Hmmmmm. I shall get to the bottom of it lol
  13. I'm afraid not. All residential in this area. Thanks for helping though. 🙂
  14. I have been hearing a loud buzzing noise in the Roxton Road/Strelley Avenue area where I live for the last 2 weeks and the noise is getting persistently louder. It stops for about 2-3 mins every so often but it's all day and night and I'm now unable to sleep because of it. My neighbour and I have tried to investigate where it's coming from but can't locate the source. Does anybody know where this noise is coming from?
  15. Thanks guys. I don't want to start shooting RAW yet as I am not overly good at Photoshop editing. I find it all confusing. I have subscribed to YouTube channels and am getting more engrossed.
  16. Hi everyone. I have not long bought my first DSLR camera and am really wanting to get to grips with using it for landscape photography. If you know anyone who could help me or would want to join me for a walk in the peaks to give any help and guidance I would be very grateful. The past few months I have had a rough time but want to start getting more engrossed in the hobby I love. Please pm me for my email to get in touch.
  17. Im looking for fellow people to go out for walks with in the peaks or any where in Sheffield. I love walking but its not fun going out walking on your own in the peaks as i dont go too far in case i get lost. If there are any groups that go on walks during the week id love to hear about them. Also do you know know of any evening activities to do around the Heeley area. Im 33 and female and boredom is getting the better of me during the week. All suggestions are much appreciated :-D
  18. I have not played badminton in 2 years but I am really interested in getting back in to learning how to play. Would I be able to come along to one of the sessions next week and see how I get on? Tatum
  19. Been there before. They don't do ultimate in that one :-( ---------- Post added 04-03-2015 at 20:18 ---------- That was the meadowhead one. I'll try the above places. Thanks. Wonder why the Bramhall Lane one was demolished....
  20. I went out to my usual petrol station on Bramhall lane on Sunday only to find that the place has been demolished!! Why is this? I don't know anywhere else near me that does ultimate diesel. What happened to the place.
  21. I have not played for over a year and when i did play it was just for fun so im not that great. Im 32 and female and looking for some fun and casual keep fit. Maybe i could pop along one eve.
  22. What kind of games as me and my friend don't really drink much but still would love to have fun. Tell me more about this please.)
  23. Ponds forge sports centre does trampoline lessons for adults. I have always wanted to do it myself but too scared to go on my own. im a 32 year old female.
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