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  1. Anyone recommend a local Lawyer to totley/dore area who can deal with a family property claim? Feel free to Msg me direct if you dont want details on here Thanks
  2. We lived the other side on Nightingale street and used to cross Fredrick St to get to school - Whitby Road Keanaz
  3. The SWEET and Suzi Quattro on the Speedway @ High Hazels Park, Darnall
  4. Yes our whole family did, we were also in the Cubs and Scouts and my sisters in the Brownies and the Guides - did all the Whit walks to High Hazels Park and Christmas plays and bonfire nights. We lived on Nightingale St. Keanaz
  5. My Step Mother's Grand Son, Liam now runs the Horti - havent been in there for about 10 years or more. Keanaz
  6. My sister now lives in Manchester, some of those that went to Walethof in the early 70's know Susan Hayward, please vote for her now: Can you please vote for my Sister: http://www.goskyride.com/GetIntoCycling/ShowArticle/Sue-Blaylock-accessible-cycling-champion Mark
  7. East Devon. Left Sheffield in Sept 1977 only go back to see my Dad and a few mates Keanaz
  8. My dad Douggie Hayward served on the committee at the Non-Pots for many years, I also knew Jack and a little of Nellie - he always used to buy me a bottle of pop as a kid when I went in the club. I have a picture somewhere of him at either Cleethorpes or Mablethorpe on one of the club trips, sat with us on the beach. My dad spent his life at the club - 7 nights a week and Sat & Sun lunchtime, the only time he didnt go was if the buses were not running or he was ill. When it closed down he then went to the Darnall Horti or the Lib club Keanaz
  9. I remember you, didnt you live in the same yard as Carl Drinkwater? by the way its Mark Hayward from Nightingale St (Whity Rd & Hurlfield) Keanaz
  10. My dad was very good mates with Jack and served on the committee for many years with - he and his wife were very nice sincere people Keanaz
  11. We lived on Nightingale St - 79 the Hayward family? Steve, Sue, Linda, David & Mark:hihi:
  12. :DI woz there, we came down from Hurlfield with a group of girls he throw his grey scarf down (stunk of "Womens" perfume) and I gave it way to Kay Wood, couldnt recognise anyone in the video footage though? - What memories:)
  13. :hihi:I saw a poster advertising PANTO and one of the cast was Bobby Knut - didnt take much notice of where, when etc - But at least he's still alive (just)
  14. I was in Sheffield town center on Wednesday (the first time for about 7 years), very depressing down t'moor! The only good thing I saw was Monopoly SHEFFIELD edition in Waterstones £24.99 Some interesting places on there, better than Mayfair and the Old kent Road! Enjoy
  15. you lucky lucky lucky B****** we (a poor family) used to go every year to "Ourgate" where's that you ask? at the bottom of our yard.
  16. First of all Hi Bro (Singledad1) the scouts (and cubs) were on Mandeville street headed by someone called Mr. Briggs, who was the scoutmaster with the US mil style hat (very hairy legs) and all 3 of us brothers were at some point in the scouts and the band, all played the side drum and very badly the bugle, Sunday morning parades, Whitsun march to High Hazels park, Fisher lane - Darnall medical aid parade and anything to walk round darnall causing a racket, much to the disamay of the Darnall Bucket bangers (Boys Brigade). Wot happy times - look at the state of Darnall now!
  17. already mentioned by a couple of posts, but I used to be one of the first to get to the park in order to get a job on one of the stalls, the guy I worked for had 3 stalls, Hoop La (No chance of winning) roll a ball (good chance of winning TAT!) and tombola tickets (1 won the whole time I worked). No one won on the Hoop la, but a mate persuaded me to nudge a hoop over a bottle of pomaigne, he want mad cos someone had won and especially because he was the same age of me, but he had to let it go to save embarrasement. Rolling a ball down a chute into numbered holes, hardly a skill but kept most people entairtained, prizes were useless tat. Tombola tickets, you could buy 1 or 3 for 10bob or whatever it was, and win HUGE Teddies, the 1 woman who did win, he told her to come back about every 30 mins or so and he would give her a free ticket, when she came back he would then shout "here's a winner" and everyone would want a ticket in the hope they would win, but never did. I also remember that there was always a fight, some other mob other than Darnall would encroach on our manor!, the police were always caught but ran off in the dark. Great times in Darnall - Buster you mentioned Craven road Boy that was the rough end of darnall?
  18. What do you miss in Sheffield? = My house - Nightingale Street, Darnall, flattened to make way for playing fields for Whitby Road Infant/Junior School (name now something else I think?) M
  19. Weigh & Save in Exmouth now sell the stuff, so no more trips to Sheffield for me, (well not for that anyway) Check other W&S?
  20. Whitby Rd and then Hurlfield (manor top) lived on Nightingale Street, and then Handsworth Rd opposite Triangle Petrol stn just after the iron bridge
  21. I used to be in the cubs & scouts in Darnall on Mandeville st, we used to lead the parades through Darnall and then into HH Park - I used to play the side drum and bugle (not very well) but they were great fun, with all the church goers behind and then that led onto the Darnall Medical Aid parade with the decorated lorries all following, they had hell of a job getting down the hill from the start point and then eventually into the park - they screwed up in the park when they put all those concrete barriers up; Great times
  22. yes, now you mention it, Pete Codman and his younger sister, was it Carol or something ?
  23. left in summer 77, joined the soft and barmy and never been back to Sheffield since. dont recall your name, but there was a young girl in your year - Coleman, (had a brother in our year - Pete) gorgeous little blonde?
  24. Now that Gene's dead, they are going to take 4 weeks to make his coffin out of Oak, but only 24 hours from BALSA ?
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