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  1. Hi Geared Thanks for your comment as you can appreciate this is a large project taken on by a small group. we are trying our best to regenerate the area and bring together other community programs .Our Facebook and website will be sorted as soon as I get time, at the moment we have 2 Facebook pages Norton Lightwood under 17s driver training area and driving lessons Rotherham ,Sheffield. Our web site is also due some changes Safety1st driving academy . Thanks again
  2. Dear Macboobs Thank you for your constructive criticism the points you have mentioned are all in hand. Some of the points are out of our hands as were not allowed a large advertising sign and on our budget cost is everything so it has to be small bits at a time. Thanks again Safety1st
  3. Please come along and have a look to see if the area is suitable to hold a car show I will be on site Saturday and Sunday
  4. Any 1 wishing to come and have a walk around the area please feel free to do so you will see what work the area needs and what has already been done
  5. Now that the airfield is open we are looking for fundraising ideas for any local good cause.If you have any ideas or plans to raise money for charity come along and let us help.
  6. Still looking for a sports team to come along and adopt the disused football pitch .It needs some work on it and would be free to use . Alf 1956 I have tried to reply to your message and it doesn't show as sent if you are interested in the use of the pitch I will be on site Saturday from 9 am
  7. not got age restrictions if person is tall enough to reach and operate controls under 17s courses available or practise in your own car on the area
  8. Not many dog walkers on site when cars are driving around and when there are they put them on the lead
  9. Norton lightwood driver training area is now full open
  10. The General Any 1 wishing to use the area please come along on a weekend and discus your needs and we will see what we can do . Ecky 11 would recommend that to drive on the area the person can operate vehicle controls if you were to come to site we could explain more in detail
  11. Now that the area is open we have a disused football pitch if any local team want to come and use it . Call in and have a chat lol bring a lawn mower ---------- Post added 14-09-2014 at 09:27 ---------- Website for the area is not up and running yet but we are on Facebook . Norton lightwood driver training area
  12. The old norton airfield has opened again
  13. Norton airfield is now open all week call 07807813427 for more details ---------- Post added 10-09-2014 at 16:07 ---------- We are open all week now from 10 till 3 and weekends 9 till 4
  14. at the moment we are open Wednesday and Friday from 4 Saturday and sunday 9 till 4
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