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  1. The sign is the old Grill On The Hill sign. Rama took theirs with them. Interestingly a new bistro is opening next door to Denise's' bsrber shop. It is called No Name. If you want really food SE Indian food try Maveli. We had another fantastic meal there last night. Fantastic food and service.
  2. Can anybody know where there is a booth in S10 near Broomhill.
  3. Wow, amazing. Thank you for the update.
  4. Does anyone know what is about to open at this place. Work started before Christmas, it has been painted orange and has a sign saying open 7 days a week. Any information much appreciated.
  5. Horrendous journey from Huddersfield to Sheffield, almost three hours of hell. Road flooded before Flouch. From there to Midhope crawling for over an hour. Road flooded at Penistone turn, houses flooded. Then at the junction with the by-pass it was flooded and nothing moving. As the water levels increased turned around at Midhopestone. About 1.5 miles in the bridge was flooded and an Audi stranded in the water. Managed to get to Bolsterstone which was hellish in the dark. Eventually got to Manchester Road where there were three areas of flooding; houses affected too as cars drive through the water. Stay away if you can.
  6. I drove along Rivelin Valley Road around 430, it was treacherous. A car was being washed along just past the Stanmore grin turn-off, completely impassable. Very scary, although not on the realms of 2007.
  7. I bought my car there, they were very good. Just too far away to drop off car.
  8. Montys Sheffield is the official place. I took mine to Twiggs in Crookes for the big second year service. They used official parts and half the price. A brilliant garage. You do not have to use an official dealer to retain the warranty, simply use official parts.
  9. Mediterranean is great, check the times for tapas when you book. El Torro is good, only Tapad in the evening.
  10. Try the Prosecco bar on the corner of Leopold Street. Lovely little place. Browns do one too, as does the Mercure hotel.
  11. Is anyone else finding the taxi service to Crookes very poor? There are 2-3 minute waits to book a taxi and when you get through there is s 45 minute wait. We never had problems on this scale with Eagle or Mercury. Is it just Crookes they are saying there are no taxis in the area? Is there an alternative taxi company? Will Uber be any better?
  12. Not the question asked. I am looking for events and discussions about this. Thanks for an interesting perspective though.
  13. Is Sheffield Charlie Hebdo? What is happening in South Yorkshire? Are schools opening up debate? Are there any community events? Are our local media making an effort to promote the importance of freedom of speech and an open independent media? Let me know what our City is up to. ---------- Post added 11-01-2015 at 10:57 ---------- Oops typo Hebdo
  14. This should be on the main Sheffield page and the general discussions page. It was hidden awY in a section I have never looked at in 10 years. It was only because I wNt on a major search to find it. Make it more public please.
  15. My friend's partner lived there. It destroyed her mini. Tonight we have lost our gatepost and fence. Also reported a fallen tree in Crookes. ---------- Post added 09-01-2015 at 21:51 ---------- I was blown along Division Street and actually swept off my feet in West One after a cocktail in Anchorage.
  16. The mods might move this. You could create a new title to make it a main story. My friends have a missing beagle in Huddersfield. They have set up a huge Facebook and Twitter campaign called #FindJerryDog. Take a look at what they are doing. They have copied in key businesses and people with@swfc etc to ask tem to retweet. This spreads the word to thousands of people. #FindJerryDog went viral and hundreds of people are on the look out. If you look at the Facebook site Lindsay may give you advice on who to contact. Kennels, dog pounds, police, council etc. Good luck finding them, seek advice. There are poster sites to use too.
  17. I think everybody has moved onto Jawbone. There must have been 50 cars queuing at the bridge 630tonight.
  18. The food at Remo's is superb, addicted to the pasta dishes and very tempted by the bisro night.
  19. Don't go to the Plough at Grindleford. Frozen low quality food when we went.
  20. Sad really; the University seem set on destroying another set of Sheffield's historical buildings. They knocked down a beautiful Georgian terrace to create the monstrous Learning Commons.
  21. Oh, not been for a while; thanks for the reminder.
  22. There is another thread. I go to Huddersfield at 630am and it is fine. But coming home between 3 and 7 is a nightmare, so coming in via Oughtibridge and Malin Bridge.
  23. Thank you all. Three new routes; it should ease the boredom.
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