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  1. Cous cous with lemon and salca wrapped in cos lettuce. A sparkling spring water, has to be harrogate spa. tomato soup and a warm crusty breadcake lemon cheesecake with chocolate curls
  2. I can't its just melthebel who got the blob on earlier because he could not find a witty answer for my serious question so decided to get all defensive and childlike
  3. I once got called a bloodclot and had my head smashed against the bar of the cannon Great people until you said something to upset em and that could be anything depending on what mood they were in lol
  4. Was going to say the same Failing that gather up as many warm jumpers, blankets, sandwiches etc and hit the streets looking for them Most are sooo happy that you have even taken the time to sit and talk with them awhile x
  5. Volunteer for the homeless. Very rewarding and puts all the stress and pressure of xmas day into perspective for these people truly have nothing
  6. Wow, I can understand your anger in your distress at losing your cat to poisoning but to have a go at this guy who was only trying to help and is feeling pretty crappy already is not going to help matters. I am truly sorry for your loss but Jewboy was not directly responsible for the death of your cat
  7. Thanks for the info. The poor little mite looks scared half to death
  8. That has proper pulled on my heart strings, if no owner can be found then I shall gladly take him on
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