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  1. Hi I think it be great if sheffield forum could make a application for android and iPhone as it would benefit the site and be good for the public anybody agree?
  2. Could this be a cause of cyber bullying? as I always end up a target for duplication when I haven't put more then one of the same ad up.
  3. Thought I'd discuss it with everyone see if they have had the same issue first ---------- Post added 08-04-2014 at 12:03 ---------- What you on about ??????
  4. it's the United Kingdom more rain then sun so should be prepared dont blame the smokers lol
  5. Hi just wondering if any body else as notice that the site is going down hill as loads of people use to use the site now there is hardly any new post it seems to be laggin abit also there seem to duplicate items that do not need doing? I put various of items on for sale a few weeks ago and put my scooter on for swaps yesterday which is in a different catagory all together but it was removed and I don't get why ? Cause it was weeks ago I put it on for sale so thought I'd try swaps instead very strange that it got removed so think we mite need new mods/admin also does anyone else think we should get rid of the time we have to wait when sending a private message one to another??? just a thought??
  6. if i buy a electric wall mounted fire do i get the wall brackets with it ? or do i have to buy them sep?
  7. okay Thanks alot i'l try find ghozer
  8. Hi people my xbox 360 slim when i put a disc in it says reading disc then open tray and thats all it does its always on open tray iv done some research about it, and it says some screws have come lose so my laser is not level anymore.. im just wondering if anybody could come out to my house and fix this problem tighten the screws up and level the laser out for me? inbox me please or comment below with price if you know how to fix this problem or would it be better to just replace the dvd drive? . the job is not hard but it looks complicated on youtube videos and i dont wanna break anything cash waiting for repair thanks
  9. Do you know if I would get like a receipt to prove what it is if I got it valued, Also do you recommend any places to get it valued? Thank you for your help.
  10. Hi I have a 9ct gold ring with 11 real diamonds in, i'm wondering where is the best place to sell it? As a lot of places only pay for the gold now day's
  11. Hello, right iv bought a medion sam 2000, and i cant find where the ram is? so i can upgrade it, no videos on youtube and no images on google on how to do it, and i dont wanna break it lol, so could any one help me please and tell me where it is and how to get there? that would be great thanks in advance
  12. got to say this as made my day i no i shouldnt but coundnt stop laughing when i read this as if ppl should go off like that in public lol
  13. nothing can beat a good old roast pork stuffin and apple sause sarni hmmm
  14. some people have no remose whats so ever do they
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