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  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking urgently for a small basket of some type, about the size of a shoe box to make up a little gift for my friend by Saturday, anyone know somewhere that sells plain baskets/mini hampers at a reasonable price? I don't have much time to shop around so any help on definite sellers and rough prices if possible would be really appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies, FiFi, the Landshare info is HERE Andy, just picked up your PM, there aren't enough of us yet so if you know anyone nearby let me know. Rapido, its not really great lengths, just a letter with six peoples' names and addresses on. I'm not sure which allotments have what names, but the ones they are clearing at the bottom of Hagg Lane on Rivelin Valley Road still have a 2-3 year waiting list despite the clearance they are doing I'm on the Morley Street list, around 75th when I checked the other week and being told anything from a 3-5 year wait! RobD1, as mentioned above I am on a waiting list and know there is no time limit on the action the council take, but I think its worth a try for the sake of a letter. Are the waiting lists down there really less than a year, as I was told none are that short? The thing that really annoys me is how many have been left overgrown when the waiting lists are so long. If they were to give me one of those sites on the condition that I sorted it myself I would bite their hands off! I'm down at my friend's allotment on Rivelin Valley Road quite a bit and all they have done there is cut down all the hedges so low that the plots being used are now insecure, and occassionally turn up and pick up a bit of glass and then sit in their vans. I know there are people on the waiting lists who would be overwhelmed by the clearance, but so many would be willing to do it themselves to cut down the wait. By the time they've done it the main growing season will be over and they will get in a state again before next year.
  3. Hello, I am going to lobby the local counil to provide more allotments in the S6 lower walkley area, they are bound by law to provide this if six or more people come together and request it. I have a letter ready based on a proforma from the Landshare website and also have two other friends interested, so we need three more people, who are council tax paying residents of Walkley, to join us to lobby our local councillor. If you are interested please PM me, more information can be found on the landshare site.
  4. Hiya, My seeds were sewn on the 12th and exploded in that week of lovely weather, 6 out of 8 have come up and had to be potted on today they are so big, the other 2 seeds were showing signs of life so will see if they catch up, I have limited space so will be checking their growth to a few feet each, I'll only be needing two plants too!
  5. Tranx, when did you get your allotment? I've been on the Morley Street list since Sept last year and they told me various times from 3-5 years, just wondering if your allotment acquisition was recent!
  6. Hello, I've just bought a Canon EOS 400D second hand and am wanting to get some more memory cards for it. The one I have is a Lexar Professional CompactFlash with Write Acceleration, 4GB, 133x speed. I would like a couple more 4GB cards. I've looked on 7dayshop and the 4GB card on there is: Lexar Compact Flash (CF) Memory Card - 4GB - Platinum Series - 200x Speed. I suspect my card is an old one as this is an older camera, so I wanted to check, would this card be suitable? Would it be better or worse than the one I have? Thanks for your help!
  7. Fitness unlimited also do corporate discount if you work for some of the big companies or public sector.
  8. I spoke to the allotments department today and the new plots planned are for community growing only, so will not have much impact on current lists if people still want their own bit of earth. Good that they are cracking down elsewhere though.
  9. Hi Guys, I've got three pots going up the stone steps to my house and the flowers are just starting to die of. I want to replant them with something good-looking but don't know if anything is still flowering? Or should I go for some small bushes or something evergreen now? Would like spring bulbs in there but dont want them to be bare all winter. Also one is a lavender plant so will this survive the winter after it has been dead-headed? Thanks!
  10. Thanks taxman - I've made two lots of blackberry/blackberry and apple jam from round there already Any advice for sloes or similar?
  11. While we're on the subject, any advice for the Walkley area?
  12. I'm not far and O2 told me the max download speed I'll get is 7meg, so my 8meg contact with them is just right, no cable in my area.
  13. Hello! Like many others, I'm on the hefty waiting list for the Morley Street allotments. I love walking through there, its so tranquil and full of wildlife, but there seem to be some plots that could do with a bit of extra help. That's where I come in!! If anyone already has an allotment on Morley Street that they could use some help with I'd love to assist you. I'm young and able bodied and up for a challenge if there is some clearance to be done, in return for some advice and assistance from someone more experienced in all things allotmenty I don't even want much space to start with, just a few beds to begin experimenting, and I have time off in the week to put the hours in, and could look after your patch when you're away of too busy. Some of those plots are so big and people have waited so long that it would be great to help someone who might otherwise be pressurised by the council or even evicted. Rant over! Please please PM me if you think we can help each other PS. If anyone has any other ideas about how I can get this message out please let me know, I realise that a message on an internet forum may not reach all of my target audience
  14. Hi all, hope someone can help My computer is doing strange things - software which needs access to the internet, such as the sky player software, is stating that I am offline when I am not. My browser (Firefox) is working fine and I can download using torrents but other programs think I'm offline. This is a recent problem with a PC I've had and used without problems previously on this internet connection. I did recently end up with some malware on my PC but got rid of it with Spybot Search and destroy. Anyone know what might be causing this? Its so annoying! Thanks EDIT: forgot to say, if I try to stream from skyplayer online directly, it is usually interrupted within a few minutes with an error, Sky say this particular error may also be due to my connectivity or firewall
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