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  1. Hi guys I’ve just set up a new DJ Agency (I’ve got 3 guys in the Sheffield area) aimed at retail stores / nightclubs / product launch events / corporate events. If any venues in Sheffield or any stores in Sheffield want a DJ to promote themselves please get in touch through my website http://www.brandeddjagency.co.uk Also feedback is gratefully received about the site. Regards Mike
  2. Was one of the best prides ever this year was one of the DJs playing on the stage hope to be there again this year!
  3. Yeah most people do the bars then dempsies M x
  4. There is a definatley a new club opening up soon on the gay scene. Cant say anymore info as it wouldnt be fair to the parties involved.
  5. I was actually quite indifferant to the marridge thing but after reading all the bigoted views people had during the debate I actually think its a great victory for eqaulity.
  6. You should try Tofu (otherwise known as beancurd) in blackbean sauce, its a south asian meat substitute and most chineese places do it.
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