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  1. who is Frank and where would I find him my dad and his brothers were in Fulwood not exactly sure of the year but they were their a while so I'm led to believe would love to find out more
  2. Brian was you in no6 the same time as my Dad Alfred Thomas I also think his brothers were in there too
  3. WOW That is so interesting Moirahyde, where have you found that and does it tell you anymore, I'm a bit behind time when it comes to searching back like this but I am in your debt for just highlighting this lol cheers I take it with the Mention of Mary she must have been the first born at Windmill lane because my mum is the oldest and she was born in Attercliffe this I'm quite sure off once again thank you
  4. could be a possibility Hibbsy, thanks for that, I wish I could be in contact with my Dads side of the family but sadly most of them have passed away, I know too 2 step brothers but I'm not sure if they are still with us, I'd like to thank you again for the input and maybe one day I will get a bit more of an insight cheers
  5. Hello It's me again, I found a little bit of interest regarding my Grand parents old shop on Victoria road (Woodhouse) so now I want to try and trace my Mums side and any one who knew her or about her family, My Mum who was born Elizabeth Edith Bond, I believe she was born in Attercliffe some where, my Nan and Granddad where called Alice May Bond, and Clifford Bond, my Granddad sadly passed away before I was born, the rest of my mums family consisted of another 2 sister's Mary and Kathleen, and then 5 brother's Clifford, Frank, John, Richard, Eric was the youngest they moved away from Attercliffe when my mum was quite young around the age of 4, I'm going to hazard a guess that this was because of the slum clearance, they moved on to the newly formed Flower Estate, Windmill lane to be exact, if any one knows of her or her family it would be great to hear from you and try and get an insight on how things were in the past cheers
  6. Hiya not really sure of the timings, I was a toddler I was born in 1964, I was walking so I will hazard a guess of around 1968/69, I think Grandad Roe had the shop before meeting my Nan, coz he was my dad's stepdad, cheers for the info Hiya Cheers for that matey, as I said I was a toddler but I know it was a house they had, the Maggotts were outside in what looked like the old Lavvy, I remember collecting them in the maggot boxes as they came in for them any more would be greatly appreciated cheers
  7. I'm looking for any Pictures or posts from any one that remembers my Granddads old shop in Woodhouse it was on or on the corner of Victoria road/street, His surname was Roe, the shop sold a variety of things, ie food sweets and also fishing tackle I remember the maggots in an old tin bath out back, I was very young the last time I visited, so any memories would be greatly appreciated thank you
  8. Hello I’ve just seen on here about Roe’s tackle shop on Victoria road, in Woodhouse I’m a member of this family and I would love to find out more about them, I was very young the last time I was there but I remember that they had a outhouse where he kept the maggots, any old pictures would be great thanks, you can contact me at m.thomas@shu.ac.uk Cheers Mark
  9. Yeah my dad had his moments, not to bad tho he drank quite heavily, and smoked like a chimmney, he had a few volitile outbreaks and vented his anger on the kids and my mum but we came thro, well I would like to thank you for your help and I have been intruiged reading the posts I tried to order the book mentioned but no avail I'll keep reading the posts cheers Mark
  10. Yeah she is mate one of my sisters sadly we are no longer in contact thats why I tried on my own when I posted I had been to Graham's funeral as you guess he as passed away too, so now I believe thats all my dads bro's gone now well thanks for you reply, if you can tell me more about the place And my siblings I would be very grateful cheera Mark
  11. it is possible mate he was in with his 2 brothers graham and gordon and i suspect 2 sisters as well june was one of them sadly my dad as passed away and my mum as vauge memories so if you could tell me more about the time in there or let me know of any other way of finding out about the place I would be very grateful cheers mark ---------- Post added 08-02-2013 at 19:23 ---------- Hello Adrian I'm not right up on the forum, as you can see I only joined a couple of days ago so I'm a newby. but if you can help me out I will be very grateful, his brother died a couple of weeks ago (Graham) he was the last of the brothers all gone now I'm afraid to say, so you can see I'm trying to trace a bit of his past, the name of the farm he worked on his mates and any thing really
  12. Hello Flyer, my dad was in fulwood around the time you was there with his 2/3 brothers Alfred (dad) gordon and graham, Thomas, dont know if you remember them I'm after info about them sadly they have all passed away now
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