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  1. albert has his hook baited, and he's waiting for a big bite
  2. Agree, been here all my life (29 years) and as much as people don't like to admit it, their is nothing to do. I have young children also and I really struggle to spend my money in Sheffield. It's really missing some attractions, and has been for a very long time But you get a biased view from the 'I'm alright jack' mentality of Sheffield
  3. To people who aren't very interested or upto date on cars, their is very little difference in the German sheds being knocked out now My wife couldn't tell the difference from an Audi to a merc for example
  4. You can get small tins on eBay for around £5
  5. What a crap attitude to have, "someone bumped into me so I must get as much money out of them as possible", such a stupid way to see things. ---------- Post added 11-01-2018 at 21:15 ---------- But it's not like you have given it a lot of thought though ....
  6. To be honest I've listened to some of the debates and conversations on this station a few times and i am a white british man with no faith to follow, i was just quite interested in some of the topics they have discussed and good to hear a different perspective.
  7. lets see if you feel that way after trying to explain to people your not a paedophile, or let alone being accused of one and trying to protest your innocence.
  8. Not to be a pain but the venue now holds 13,500 it used to hold 12,500. I also know this as I used to work their when it all happened. Have a look http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-24008420
  9. THIS …. i went recently with some friends to watch an ice hockey match, and its absolutely awful in their rip of prices for food and drink horrible uncomfortable seating and just basically looked crap everywhere, as with most of sheffield it has the 'it'll do' attitude. The place is a dump outside and in. A new roof and seats not really a refurbishment to be honest, and i know that the seats were not upgraded they just squeezed in more smaller uncomfortable seats …..
  10. so you could turn up and if they don't like the look of you they will turn you away ?, could you elaborate on what you mean by they're picky with who goes in ?
  11. considering the time, I'm guessing not much has happened yet as long as it was reported to the police and your chap got photographic evidence of all vehicles especially from when it happened then you just have to let the insurance deal with the rest. maybe he's had problems before which is why he doesn't want to admit fault, or possibly on a strike system from work ?
  12. I think it's very naive of you to think that we haven't already been cheapened by America and it's corporations that pay little to no tax but when times are tough and may get tougher yet it's better the devil you know at this point. Besides does anyone on here really believe he will get longer than his term ? I highly doubt he will be voted for again. Regardless of state visits and the like we need to be involved with America financially if we are going to make brexit work and like it or not he is now their president
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