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  1. Its a Volkswagen Golf MK4. I'm based in the S11 area but can drive to other locations if need be.
  2. Should be, but its best to get these things checked out sooner rather than later
  3. Don't think I'll need new discs as its only been within the last day or so the grinding has happened while braking.
  4. Thanks Rob. I'll check them out. Defiantly not taking it to Kwik Fit. That equals a Kwik rip off! 'Halfrauds' aren't much better either!
  5. Hi. I need to get my brakes looked at just to see what condition one of my brake pads are in as they have recently started to make a grinding noise when I am braking. Can anyone recommend me a reliable garage that could take a look? and if new pads are needed, won't rip me off! Thanks
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