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  1. Quick question, I am about to turf the garden to make child friendly, we like to sit outside with a standard table and 4 chairs, I presume the chairs will sink into the turf, is there anything on the market to spread the load, or what do other people do? 2 plastic chairs 2 steel chairs with round legs, thank you in advance
  2. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know of a company that would be able to repair an approx 12 inch jade disc that's shattered into 5 parts and fill concave surface of joined breaks with gold or other suitable metal? Disc is still in pieces and struggling to find a jeweller that is prepared to do this type of work.
  3. Might be being a bit thick here but recently bricked a nexus 7 trying to flash it, took me a few days to backward flash it successfully, regarding backing up your system I didn't see any options but did see lots of various image files for different builds for your device. Didn't manage via Google had to flash via a third party prog off the internet, point is if bricked it's not completely lost
  4. It's one of the few things you can watch as a family at that time with little uns, does you good now and again to have easy viewing and some of the acts are remarkable, don't you think the police dog was touching?
  5. I had to go in the city center this morning, fairly early and first time in the city for years, I was amazed how many homeless people there is in door ways, temperature is one degree and most of them just wearing thin clothes. I am guilty of having the mindset of most homeless can help themselves but today realise how naive I am. I despair at how anyone can survive like that or have to live in that way, sure obvious to see some have drug or drink problems or maybe both but no one deserves a life like that. I'm not sure what the answer is or promise solutions, just voicing thoughts as it really shocked me this morning .
  6. We had some of the fancy nitrite free bacon a while ago, to be honest it didn't taste nice at all, all things in moderation etc I think the general lack of inactivity is probably a bigger threat than the odd bacon sandwich
  7. Hi, not sure if this helps as it depends where you live etc, there are a couple of park runs not so far, castle I think is off manor lane and also endcliffe park run, endcliffe has mixed abilities and is perfect for new runners etc, distance is 3 miles and flat no time restriction as such
  8. Anyone interested in a running partner S10 area ? 5-10 miles can be road or off road 8-9 mm occasional meet to use as motivation. Male or female, just purely posting to improve motivation and be more regular.
  9. What do you plan to change? Possible resolution? Unrealistic resolution? I guess we all have one of each
  10. People don't like change, from a personal point the new format is fantastic as it's mobile friendly. The hardcore posters that close topics down is a problem but not surprising as we all know and avoid people like that in real life, as they tend not to be very nice people. I would say the forums pretty active and the majority are nice people. The age group might start lowering as most younger people to middle aged will access this via mobile phone.
  11. The larger park runs are amazing and the principle is working, unfortunately the larger groups have similar mentality to race days as I am sure many have seen. Why start towards the front when no intention or ability to keep as front runners? This just blocks and slows people behind down. Not an issue but there is a small percentage of people that block paths whilst socially jogging. Park run is supposed to be about encouraging people to become more active rather than a race day, but it would be nice if people lined up in reasonable order to their intention or ability.
  12. Good and bad in every race and culture, male or female. It works both ways. If some one is being abused mentally, physically or verbally because they are different then that's wrong but I feel we are too quick to give everything an ism these days. You have to be very careful how you say things no matter how innocently as there are people constantly watching and waiting to accuse of some sort of ism. You see it here with grammar police and intellectual authorities belittling people thoughts and words. Answer to the question is yes, racism does exist in Sheffield but in many forms. The majority of people couldn't care less where people are from in a good way but unfortunately the vultures circle every walk of life waiting for mistakes and opperutnities to make themselves feel more important and superior.
  13. Lonely people at a guess, I feel sorry for them, they come across as bitter rather than educated.
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