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  1. I can advise you who not to use and that's Acorn. Terrible service (terrible being an understatement) and when I wrote a letter of complaint afterwards I got shouted at down the phone. Disgraceful company.
  2. I have friends that live on streets off South Road and they are very happy there : )
  3. Jessimae which school do your family's children go to?
  4. I guess there was always going to be teething problems. As long as it's not one of the worst, a normal school sounds good enough to me. I was originally going to move to the Tapton catchment but it's so expensive and I wonder if all us parents get a bit frantic about it all and jump on the Tapton, Siverdale, High Storrs, Notre Dame bandwagon because we listen to other frantic parents doing the same thing.
  5. Oh really? That's what we're hoping for : )
  6. Nook Lane Primary feeds onto Bradfield and it is supposed to be a really lovely school. The OFSTED report is excellent. If it is an oversubscribed school and there are too many pupil's in catchment then being in a feeder school may add weight to your application, but that is going on 'word of mouth'. Look on the Sheffield City council website and look at the Parent's Guides to applying for schools. That shows you the feeder schools and also statistics for the oversubscribed schools.
  7. Does anybody know what Forge Valley school is like? We are moving house and may be in that catchment. With the school only being opened recently there is no OFSTED or anything as yet so I have no idea whether it is a good school or not.
  8. I live just around the corner from Parsonage with my husband and two young kids. We originally wanted to live in Crookes but like you say the price difference is significant so we moved to Walkley and we love it here. It's close to the Bolehills and Rivelin so there's some nice walks. If you're really thinking ahead though it may be worth considering that S10 is in catchment for some highly regarded schools and that's probably why it's more expensive.
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