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  1. hello zippyzag, i reckon it was your dad in the same class as me in malin bridge early sixties............paul ?
  2. sorry,but i was responding to the very first post on this subject from the girl who now lives in cornwall. sorry to mislead you...
  3. Did you and your family come to live on proctor place about 1963? i am jack watson,and if that is your family I do remember you moving in etc... angela? chris ? we lived at number 4,in one of the 3 houses next to Kinema. In 1965, we moved to new estate in Stannington..
  4. No, i don,t think it is the 7.I lived there from being 14 until leaving in 1969 at 18. Block of maisonettes across from turnbull.In fact i remember the pub being built. I,m not bothered about being a stanningtoneer as my heart is in hillsborough. Thank you Raquel.Sorry Pattricia...
  5. haha, thanks for the lovely reply! Damn, and I thought liberty hill was real Stannington....never mind..
  6. in the mid/late sixties when attending king edwards glossop rd,I used to use number 7 bus to town from near high rise flats. Always on that bus was a lovely looking girl on her way to work at,guessing, the mount,broomhill. She was older than me but we always said hello and smiled a lot at each other. i was a bit shy though ! She was from top end of stannington,unlike me from the estate.... I never got her name(possibly ann),but i often think of her even now. I wonder how her life panned out. Any clues ?
  7. Would like to get in touch with my childhood best friend LESLEY HIRST from proctor place Hillsborough. We laughed our way through the fifties & early sixties together and although we have crossed paths since then,we haven't been in touch for years. HIRST of course was her maiden name. Would love to get back in touch. jack watson
  8. I keep seeing a lot of views re my book,A NICE TAILEND FROM MR. BURROWS.Over 4000 views in fact in just over a year. If only that 4000 were actual book sales! I would love you to buy my book ! Not just for the £££££ you understand,because that is of little importance.... honestly. The book can still be bought on AMAZON and also from ACM RETRO via their website. At this time last year it was selling really well as people not only bought it for their own reading,but also for relatives and friends as a CHRISTMAS present. In a nut shell it,s a book about the fifties and sixties and all it,s many glorious and inglorious moments. Because i am Sheffield through and through it also traces my life through those exciting times. You can also e-mail me about the book at any time. I will gladly respond to any questions you may have.jackw@dacooper.co.uk
  9. i would welcome your comments on the book. All feedback is good.Also,anybody out there i might know from those times the book refers to? Always willing to talk...... get me on jackw@dacooper.co.uk...thanks.....
  10. With all the mayhem on our streets in modern day Britain, do you ever stop and think of the peace of a warm Sunday morning on our dusty old 1950,s streets where the only noise came from the peeling of church bells,and the sound of kids playing. Or moving forward 10 years the sound of a transistor radio playing fabulous hits of the mid/late sixties .California Dreaming,God Only Knows,Sitting On the Dock Of The Bay. Help to re-live that era by reading A Nice Tail End From Mr. Burrows.Still Available from AMAZON and ACM RETRO
  11. yesterday i was talking to Mark, the son of the late FRED PASS,the guy who wrote the incredible WEERZ MI DAD. He told me that 20,000 copies of that book had been sold since publication. i was shocked. That is an incredible figure for a "local" book. They broke the mould with that book! I doubt if i will come anywhere near that figure when the very last copy of A NICE TAIL END FROM MR.BURROWS leaves the shelves.I will have tried my hardest,but FRED was a true one off at the writing game !
  12. On radio Sheffield yesterday talking to Rony Robinson about MR. BURROWS book. It was an enjoyable interview and Rony is a top guy. We talked of old cinemas,s6 in general, and people who had influenced me. hope you enjoyed it if you caught it on air...
  13. that is excellent,and really heartbraking.i,m a wednesdayite,but that makes no difference in matters like this. god bless that poor lad and his family......
  14. If you were born after 1945,and lived your life through the next few decades,this book could well be of interest to you.It tells the story of those years from the viewpoint of an easily influenced young boy. A time of BIGGLES,SUPERMAN,GARY SOBERS,FRED TRUMANN,BRIAN CLOSE,PETER SWAN.A time of JOE BROWN,THE STONES,HENDRIX. The roar of the mountainous kop at HILLSBOROUGH,and the roar of the lion on MGM films. A NICE TAILEND FROM MR. BURROWS is still available through WATERSTONES,AMAZON,ACMRETRO(of sheffield).
  15. Nice to see loads of people viewing the posts about my book.Although i have sold all my copies, the book can still easily be obtained through WATERSTONES; AMAZON; ACM RETRO(the publisher). The book has literally been sold to places as diverse as PITSMOOR and PENANG, TREETON and TRINIDAD;DARNALLand DENMARK.......CATCLIFFE and QATAR.I hope this demonstrates the book,s wide appeal. It,s not just for people in S6.Not at all!!
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