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  1. Please don't leave fridges and freezers out for the scrap men. All they do is cut the guts out of the back , compressor etc , releasing all the harmful gasses into the atmosphere. The then leave the shell behind. This is not a one of situation i have witnessed , these days every scrap fridge i have seen on the pavement has had the same fate. Years ago they would take the lot, i can only assume with tighter fridge disposal regulations, the scrap men now have difficulty in disposing of them. Ask a friend / relative to take to the local dump if you have no transport , also at my local dump , Blackstock Rd , the staff are very friendly and are more than happy to help the elderly and infirm , and even the pretty girls unload heavy items.
  2. £380 for a week, per person , is that really a bargain? , sounds a lot of money to me.
  3. Thats a fair point , we tend to hear only what people want us to, but what i read was disgusting behaviour , and whilst he has been allowed to keep his job, he seems to have received no punishment , am i really meant to respect this man , a man on public service and rank ? ---------- Post added 20-01-2017 at 20:21 ---------- No its not nonsense , i said i "bet" , i bet brighton win tonight, they might not. Cut the guy some slack, he is a sergeant , 21 years of service , should be a role model to young collegues, get a grip. Made a verbal mistake, nobody is going to make a complaint against a long serving officer over one silly comment......MOVE ON. ---------- Post added 20-01-2017 at 20:29 ---------- Further more, owethemnowt , why should lewd comments not be a sackable offence, I ,you and everyone else in the workplace has a right to peace, happiness and comfort in the work eviorement.
  4. How low will south yorkshire police sink , when they allow a officer found guilty of making lewd comments to a female collegue , keep his job. The officer holds the rank of Sergeant. Other collegues may have to call him Sir , whilst knowing he is basically a perv. Bet the masons are involved !!
  5. WHY ?? , its disgusting, your dog has crapped, take it with you and dispose of when you find a bin, never mind the return journey , bag it and bin it.. SIMPLES !!
  6. Hi Pete, i had a similar problem with virgin some months ago, except my internet would cut out intermittently. This was to the point where the service was almost unusable. I initially had a similar response in that it was due to demand and works to update the problem were not due to be completed for some 2 months time !!! After a couple of heated phone calls, i got £10 knocked of my bill. I proceeded to call them again, explaining that not only my service was slow, it was unusable. An engineer came out , checked the cabinet at end of street etc. All good there etc, wait for the improvements !!!! I did not let it lie, another engineer came out , he was a bit more thorough, he had an app on what looked like a mobile phone , this showed the speed was actually fluctuating all the time. Cut a long story short, he sorted the problem out within 10 minutes. The connectors in the brown box on the side of the house were loose, he sorted them out and the problem was solved. Well before the upgrade works were due to be completed. With regards to speed, i recently downgraded my speed from 100 to 50 mbs ( the teckies here know what i mean ) . I did this to save money , i have not noticed any difference to my service. I still watch netflix, you tube , listen to spotify without any noticeable effect.
  7. LOL.... i dont think the OP wants the problem brushing under the rug !!
  8. Dear Forum, the police will hold whatever records they see fit to hold on you, it is up to you to request to see those records ( a fee may be involved ) . I would think if you were interviewed the a record is held on your file, regarding the interview. A common misconception regarding the disclosure procedure is that powers that be can release any details held. This is incorrect...for example....if you beat up a person, go to court and admit your offence, regardless of the circumstances, you have shown honesty. You then apply for a job in a supermarket on the till , the powers that be cannot say that you are a dishonest person and may pose a risk to the takings of the shop. The disclosure procedure quite rightly is only relevant for the purpose of the position applied for.
  9. I am waiting for all the paperwork to arrive in the post. Think my ex posted it today. When it arrives I will examine it carefully. If I can't read the crossed out item then I will definitely pursue my complaint. If I can make out what it says then I think I shall have to put it down to a bad experience as in hindsight I could should have checked item.
  10. Thats my problem exactly,i repaired everything that was clearly noted. On re-test , it only failed on the item that he scribbled out , i am not after compensation, i just wonder how many other people this happens to, and if its worth reorting to the M.O.T , or vosa, whatever they are called.
  11. I have, via their online comms, the phoned my son and said to him that i had complained, but as yet, i have had no comms from them.
  12. My Son recently took his car for a mot at a local ( local to him ) garage, it failed on several items. He is a new driver and lives some 30 odd miles away, he phoned me up in a panic, he thought his car was scrap. I asked him to calm down and read out the mot failure to me, i told him not to worry, and to send me a photo of the failure certificate. After reading the failure notice i assured him that it was not the end of the world and i will fix it. Ok , so it failed on ( for the mechanics ) on bottom ball joints , both sides ( rubbers perished so as not to prevent the ingress of dirt. Anti roll bar link arms, both sides , same reason, rubbers split/ perished. A number plate bulb out, and also a tyre. THIS IS MY PROBLEM ........... On the failure certificate, the examiner scribbled down the side what each item would cost to put right, £130 here , £80 here etc. The total quote was £575. ALSO AFTER PRINTING THE FAILURE, HE COMPLETELY SCRUBBED OUT ONE ITEM AND SAID IT WAS NOT NEEDED. I bought the parts and repaired the car, he had new tyre fitted. HE FAILED IT ON THE ITEM HE SCRUBBED OUT. I opted to have them fix it, being estranged from my son, at an additional cost of £138. I know i cant apply for a VT17 , as work has been done on the vehicle since its origional failure, but is there any avenue for complaint. Its my opinion that if the examiner crossed it out, it did not need attention. The car has now passed its mot, at a total cost of £247 , considerably less than the origional quote. Sensible replies would be much appreciated.
  13. If nobody wasted their time complaining, then the people responsible for the status of the roads wont do anything at all. If everyone who had a genuine complaint, made a claim those might think that something had to be done. I have a friend , his front suspension has failed on a very posh car, in his opinion it is down to pot holes. The main dealer quote is £2000, after four weeks of badgering, those people are now paying for it. What i dont understand is that we all know the roads are not in a good state of repair, why dont people drive accordingly. "I've had to have two springs replaced this year because of the roads........" Slow down.....dont break your car !!!!
  14. Some good answers, still not with the figures though !! , i guess i will assume that vat has nothing to do with it, and greggs thank me for not dropping crumbs on the floor, making a mess of the table etc, and reward me with a 30p discount.
  15. I went in a greggs today, and bought a sausage roll. 80p to take out, or £1.10 to eat in. This has something to do with paying vat, or tax to eat in. If it vat then 20% of 80p is not 30p, so why does it cost £1.10p. I think i might be missing a point here, perhaps they are charging me 30p for the pleasure of sitting down to eat my roll. Mcdonalds dont charge extra, and neither to Kfc. A little info on why would be helpful,
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