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  1. Hi. I went to School, and was in same class as Mick Brisco
  2. the steads i knew lived upside of Banners in the 60s early 70s
  3. As far as I know i was the only stuart on Broad Oaks, lived on there from 1960 to 1976, I went to Woodbourne Road School, the BeaverHill left there in 1966, I am 64 thid January, what is your Maiden name
  4. Glenn, Ill try and keep you posted, ill see if i can find a list of peoples emails but i dout if there will be one. stuart
  5. He is fine, aint seen him for a while
  6. For all those ex Attercliffe and Danall guys and gals from the 60s and 70s. theres a reunion at the Attercliffe Libs on the 1st of November, years are passing by and it might be your last chance to see your old school mates and old flames lol, so come on lets give it a go....from 7pm onwards..if anyone is thinking of coming or even just remembers me please email me at...stewpot1@blueyonder.co.uk stuart crump,
  7. Why not join our facebook group....For The Love Of Steam, ,,send me your email and ill invite you to join
  8. send me your email and ill invite you....stewpot1@blueyonder.co.uk
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