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  1. Yes, spelling is important, along with how you construct sentences which make sense and can be read. I do not shop at Tesco's. I shop at Morrison's and Sainsburys. I earn over £40K a year and drive a not so green car. But I am considering my lifestyle and impact on the environment.
  2. Some quick solutions to saving money. 1. If you need a car. Buy a very fuel efficient car, there are some extremely economical cars on the market these days. Of course, they may not be the best in terms of looks or performance, but they will get you from A-B and save you money. 2. Move closer to your place of work so that you spend less on petrol, can cycle to work or best of all walk. I know many people in my organisation who live in Chesterfield, Rotherham and Barnsley. They complain about fuel costs but won't move to Sheffield to reduce those costs (or get a job in their respective towns and cities). I have no sympathy for their complaints over fuel costs, after all it's their choice to drive those distances.
  3. So I guess that is why you struggle to write well constructed sentences. Maybe when you have a bit more time we will all be able to understand your posts.
  4. The worst thing about bus drivers is their constant lack of courtesy on the road. Snig Hill - Go through lights (on red) and block the crossing. Pull out into traffic without indicating. Sit across yellow hatched boxes. .. and the list goes on and on. @spottydog - I would accept the change (probably would not like it, but I would still accept it, just like the miserable bus driver should do). @ grafik... It's the bus driver who was displaying the plank-like behaviour but arguing the to$$ instead of cracking on with the job.
  5. This has been one of the funniest threads I have read in a long while. Firstly you get a couple of people clearly involved in the business "plugging" it. I especially loved the comment that "some of them had a calamari". They had a calamari - what !!!! Then they receive a number of poor reviews, probably not what they expected to happen. But, I can't see me eating there, good reveiws or bad. We have just too many Indian food places in Sheffield. Let's see something different, French anyone?
  6. Personally, I am one of the fortunate one's with a miniscule mortgage. One thing that I learnt when I bought my first house was the stretch test. If my mortgage was to rise by 2 percent, would I be able to make the repayments. This dictated the maximum value of property I could afford, and I certainly did not take out a 100% loan. from memory I think it was in the region of 50% or 60% because I had a healthy deposit. Despite all the doom and gloom and the word "crash" being used, I personally think it will be a soft landing and probably no growth for a while, allowing salaries to catch up (to a degree).
  7. Alastair, I have to take you up on one point, the buy to let market is not dead. As someone who is in the BTL market and knows others, if you have the right property and target the right people your business will do quite well, even though there is a cool down in the market place, most BTL's are doing it for the long term and not to try and see quick profit. The housing market is cyclic and we will see both good and bad times over the next 10-20-30 years. If house prices see a downturn, I will be looking to pick up the right property, this may even mean buying some of the flats you mention. Oh and one other thing, most of the new developments do not rely on the BTL market, they rely on selling the property no matter whether it's a BTL or private owner (talk to a few developers). One final point, more accomodation in Sheffield Centre and around the edges is specifically for the student market, so there should over time be a drift away from the likes of Walkley and Crookes etc.
  8. If it was Friday night, then I was with the guy who got turned away. We could not believe the policy, a small bunch of 30 something I.T. and Admins asistants - not exactly football hooligan's. But as I said to my colleague, there are more bars in Sheffield to spend our money. To be fair, it's not just The Cavendish with weird door policies. Me and a friend went to The Tequila bar, and he got stopped and asked to take his jacket off because it had a hood (yes, it was reasonablly fashionalbe Jacket - but not a hoodie), whereas I was let in with my duffle coat complete with hood !!! I pionted out that I had a hood, at which point one of the bouncers told me to take it off - crazy.
  9. I enjoyed both In The Nursery and Richard H. Kirk. The event was a great idea and should happen again next year. As for Richard H. Kirk playing again, I have seen him just about everytime he plays, and it's not that often - unfortunately, but if he reads this he may do more live events.
  10. Oh, boy do I feel foolish now. Clearly from your comments you have plenty of real world experience of TriTec. I retract my previous post (except the bit about Red Tape, and off the cuff remarks - cos I don't like them in general - but as I say I your comments appear valid). Hope you will accept my retraction.
  11. What do you base your opinion of TriTec on Karl101? how many courses have you attended there? Or is your opionion based on hearsay? I think you should qualify your comment with hard fact. Oh, and I am nothing to do with TriTec or any of their families or friends. I just get fed up with this sort of off the cuff remark. Red Tape closing, well I certainly hope not, it's been an invaluable resource for a lot of musicians and engineers throughout the years. If it is true, how about another location and maybe joint ownership with the private sector if funding is an issue!
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