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  1. I have offered a few times for someone who believes all this ghosts rubbish to 'invite' me and prove me wrong.......not 1 person has invited me which brings me to a couple of conclusions:


    1: You all need to speak to your doctor

    2: That the drugs don't work


    3: You need to stop sniffing the oxo cubes



    You would think that if anything of that kind existed, we would, in this day and age with all our advanced technology have captured some overwhelming evidence.


    I have always said that out of all the gods across the planet, if there was really a god which existed, all they would need to do is make some clear unequivocal demonstration that they existed and the whole planet would become a believer and follow them. Job done.

  2. Just remember, like I said last week, if you do get a ticket, it'll probably be from Excel Parking, so it's about as enforceable as next door's cat :D



    That's what you think. Personally I think it is irresponsible of you to suggest such, which may lead to people parking where they should not and getting a ticket. Can I suggest that you always pay for your parking and not try and park for free on land which may be owned by someone.

  3. Gawd...don't tell me about the mobile phone people. I was standing directly behind someone (and could not move) who had her arm in the air filming the show for almost its' entirety. I could barely see who I had paid to see. This mobile phone generation is a joke.



    Just been on Youtube to look at their handy work. There are some clips from the back of the venue and all you can see is a sea of mobile phones. Venues should do something about it.

  4. Penistone you are dead right.


    It is very interesting to compare this issue to the crooks at TV Licensing. Almost exactly the same issues. Driven by salesmen who are pretending to be "enforcement officers" And court threats which are not worth the paper they are written on.



    You should have a license to watch BBC TV, if you don't have one then you should buy one, just like if you wish to watch Sky, you buy into it. These companies ned cash to run, if they don't get the revenue then the cease to exist.


    Too many people seem to want something for nothing in this world.

  5. This is the second time Excel have lost in court recently. Everybody knows their worthless parking "Invoices" arnt worth the paper they are written on ,and now the courts have confirmed that. The sooner legislation is brought in to outlaw private parking companies the better. These firms are just chancers trying to demand money with menaces. Luckily most people see these people for what they are ,and just ignore any "Invoives" they get from them ,but its the small minority of motorists that may panic into paying up when the threatening letters drop on the door mat that concerns me ,and they are the ones companies like Excel thrive on . These private parking firms must be outlawed once and for all.



    So, let me get this right. Are you complaining about receiving a ticket for parking somewhere you should not?


    I have an issue with your comments. Mainly because I live in an area where everyone one and their dog seems to think that they can park their car in a private parking space to go to town to shop or work or attend Uni etc. How do you propose we as residents deal with these inconsiderate drivers who want o park for nothing?

  6. I always tend to have a lot left over, because I throw loads onto my plate at each visit to the cart so that I don't have to keep going back. I'd refuse to pay if they tried to charge me extra.



    I really don't understand your logic. Why do you see this dining experience as an exercise in eating as much as possible without moving. Then be so arrogant as to not pay for the excess and wasted food you may produce.


    You do strike me as a lazy - all you can take kind of person.


    Could I suggest that next time you visit one of these establishments you take your time, don't overfill your plate and don't leave masses of waste food.

  7. Being a non smoker, I have found the comments on this thread interesting. My stance is that though I would like to see a ban on smoking in certain public places, I do accept the law as it stands, and try to keep away from smokers.


    However, there is one thing smokers could do to improve their image and that is to stop throwing your fag ends on the floor. I see it far too often and it is one thing about smoking that is not necessary.


    I would welcome legislation to ban smoking in private cars, but that should also include eating, drinking, shaving, combing of hair and applying make-up. As someone who travels a lot around Sheffield, I see daily, no actually hourly.

  8. I went to the gig last night at the O2. Although I liked the selection of songs played (I own every album he has produced), I was however a bit disappointed by the overall mix of the sound. I felt the vocals were a bit too low in the main mix and at times the keyboards could not be heard over the drums and the guitars. A better balance needed to be found.


    The other thing that I have to point out is the now almost ubiquitous sea of arms holding mobile phones. There were occasions when the three people in front of me spent more time recording and reviewing their work than watching the gig - crazy - can't stand this, the venues should have bouncers to rip the phones from the users hands. One guy was filming the crowd behind him, not even the stage!! When I took him to task by pulling down his arm he stopped - fortunately for him.


    Numan however is a consummate performer, always enjoy seeing him and like his new harder edge. Saw him at the Corporation a while ago and thought that a better gig in terms of overall sound and performance. Can't wait to see him again.


    Did not catch the name of the support band, but they were petty good too.


    Oh and picked up one of the limited DVD sets too.

  9. Always good news to hear a Sheffield company doing well. I watched the product video and noticed it had an American voiceover - shame it could not be in broad Yorkshire - lol


    Let's hope we see you post more announcements like this in the future. Being in the I.T. industry myself it's a big thumbs up.

  10. I have a friend who told me a Kier story. One of his relatives received a visit from Kier to paint a communal wall. They came, painted the wall (which had a notice board attached - they painted around the noticed board).


    A short while later, they then came back and removed the board for a new one (smaller in size), but did not think to paint the now exposed old paintwork !


    Would it not have been better to remove the old board before painting - this is not rocket science Kier...

  11. It's a pity there isn't more information available because the other night a guy was caught driving with no insurance and suspected of being drunk, but refused to provide a breath specimen which is in itself an automatic ban, at the end of the program we were informed he was released without charge.



    That is exactly my point. they should have automatically crushed his car. MASSIVE deterrent.

  12. But the leadslingers will not turn up, turn up late, not try when they get there, cause trouble so they get thrown off the scheme because there will be no penalty and they can stay in bed.



    The best way to counteract this (and yes, there will always be people like that) is to have strong leadership - oh and cut benefits. See it like this; if you get say £50 a week in benefits, each day you earn £10 of it. Every day you don't turn up or are disruptive, you lose £10.


    But don't think this idea is just aimed at the slackers - it's aimed a ALL unemployed, even two of my friends who have been unemployed for a couple of years (and they are nice guys).

  13. Three things have to be sorted out before anything else, firstly discipline has to be restored in schools, benefits have to be earned and sentences have to be a deterrent. While the money flows in bad parents don't care so long as they can buy their booze, drugs and cigs, while the yobs get chance after chance and can lay in bed till noon so they can be out in early hours they don't care, while they continue coming out of education with no education, no chance of a job and no respect for anything then we are doomed.



    One of my pet hates is when I watch one of the police programmes on TV and wait until the summary at the end only to hear that person A has been given a four month suspended sentence for nicking and trashing a car etc.....


    Let's have the consequence of crime be of a level which will deter crime in the first place.

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