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  1. This thread and all the contributors have probably forgotten about it, but I was in the film mentioned and I attended Limpsfield School at that time eventually leaving the area in 1977. What prompted me to look up the film was that BBC Urban Jungle programme on tonight is at the Don looking at wildlife.
  2. You would think that if anything of that kind existed, we would, in this day and age with all our advanced technology have captured some overwhelming evidence. I have always said that out of all the gods across the planet, if there was really a god which existed, all they would need to do is make some clear unequivocal demonstration that they existed and the whole planet would become a believer and follow them. Job done.
  3. No ghosts where I live, mainly because they don't exist.
  4. That's what you think. Personally I think it is irresponsible of you to suggest such, which may lead to people parking where they should not and getting a ticket. Can I suggest that you always pay for your parking and not try and park for free on land which may be owned by someone.
  5. Thanks dosxuk, however I did a bit of Googling and found their site. I will buy their album as I really liked one of their songs a lot.
  6. Just been on Youtube to look at their handy work. There are some clips from the back of the venue and all you can see is a sea of mobile phones. Venues should do something about it.
  7. Howard Donald is back to doing what he loves best...............coming live and direct to you at Plug. Honestly, I don't believe that to be true.
  8. Too right, Cyclone - It does make me wonder about the level of intelligence of the posts on here.
  9. You should have a license to watch BBC TV, if you don't have one then you should buy one, just like if you wish to watch Sky, you buy into it. These companies ned cash to run, if they don't get the revenue then the cease to exist. Too many people seem to want something for nothing in this world.
  10. So, let me get this right. Are you complaining about receiving a ticket for parking somewhere you should not? I have an issue with your comments. Mainly because I live in an area where everyone one and their dog seems to think that they can park their car in a private parking space to go to town to shop or work or attend Uni etc. How do you propose we as residents deal with these inconsiderate drivers who want o park for nothing?
  11. I really don't understand your logic. Why do you see this dining experience as an exercise in eating as much as possible without moving. Then be so arrogant as to not pay for the excess and wasted food you may produce. You do strike me as a lazy - all you can take kind of person. Could I suggest that next time you visit one of these establishments you take your time, don't overfill your plate and don't leave masses of waste food.
  12. The answer is really simple, go somewhere else. There is no pub, bar or club that I HAVE to be in. There are plenty of other places - go there. There is an old saying "vote with your feet".
  13. Fantastic! Costing the Sheffield taxpayer yet more money - the police don't turn out for nothing.
  14. These all you can eat places are in general stocked with pre-prepared food out of large plastic bags (I have been and seen it personally). Not exactly great fresh food. But ideal places for our lazy, waistline increasing society.
  15. Do you people just stick your cars anywhere and never try to find out if there are some form of parking restrictions in place? If there are restrictions in place, you deserve all the hassle you get. To avoid all the pain of receiving letters, park in a multi storey.
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