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  1. i have a 3 bed mid terrace house in hillsborough- its not on a council estate its an ex private house that the council bought so nobody knows its council. small off shot kitchen, large dining room, cloakroom, and good sized bay window'ed living room downstairs, double bedroom, single bedroom and bathroom with shower upstairs and the the attic is the 3rd bedroom -which is huge.....only down side is that this property has very little outside space, the back is a paved yard which is fenced off but is not a massive space..... I AM WANTING A 3 BED HOUSE IN ASTON, SWALLOWNEST OR HANDSWORTH ONLY...happy for people to come and view ---------- Post added 13-04-2013 at 18:40 ----------
  2. any body got any suggestions on how to go about tracing family members. done the basics like searching facebook etc and going through phone book, cant find him on the electoral roll either so im at a dead end and dont really know what to do next .....HELP is there also somewhere you can contact to find if they may have died as i dont even know if i am searching for somebody who has passed away
  3. anyone know of any carboots on tomorrow in sheffield please x
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