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  1. that brings back memories, i went to belle view with birley school on a booth and fisher coach in the 60s think it was juniors
  2. i used to work in the signal box at woodburn junction in the 60s, always wondered why it was called WOODBURN JUNCTION when it was just off WOODBOURN RD
  3. can remember going to watch groups above the coop at frecheville and the old scout hut on lindley lane ---------- Post added 03-11-2014 at 16:01 ---------- im sure one of the cruisers lived on jermyn close hackenthorpe
  4. isnt his contract up at end of this season ?
  5. for some reason we used to call it the G.C. not the LNER dont know why, i know the midland was THE LONDON MIDLAND SCOTTISH
  6. can remember going to what we called woodhouse park to catch grass snakes then walk back thro the gorse to jermyn close to my mates
  7. great pics hillsboro can remember this bridge well from my trainspotting days before i got a job as a messenger boy at the vic station then moving on to be a train recorder at woodburn jcn signal box ---------- Post added 07-10-2014 at 13:21 ---------- can remember going down to beighton and watching the fish train go over the viaduct and hearing the shouts from the others if it was a BRIT. happy days
  8. riding on the pavement where theres no cycle path contravenes the highway code does it. try telling that to the hundreds of cyclists that do it everyday of the week. if you put a thread on here saying i was nearly injured by a cyclist riding on pavement you would get a thousand others telling you the same, weather its to cut a left turn or to use a crossing to make a right turn cyclists DO use pavements on a regular basis even on the moor. ever thought thats one of the reasons theres so much friction between drivers and cyclists plus the fact that you use the roads free yet they pay expensive road tax to pay for your tight pockets
  9. take a look at the teams man city have beaten by 5 or more goals over the past couple of seasons , no shame with those names beaten by city
  10. wouldnt the space taken up with that stupid water feature been better used for a good taxi only area leaving the present taxi area as a drop off pick up or 20 min waiting area
  11. the guy next door to me works for meterplus reading meters, he brings his van home every day and leaves for work between 8 and 8.30 every morning and is home between 1.30 and 2pm.how much extra on our bills are used to pay for the use of the van and for the few hours he works ?
  12. how do you clamp a car thats being driven, thats got to be against health and saftey:huh:
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