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  1. Very interesting, I was considering buying an apartment, but very wary of this block due to the reasons outlined in your reply. In my opinion the original developer should put the problem right, by replacing the defective cladding. If they cannot, because they are no longer in business, bankrupt or some situation like that. Then it passes to the Freeholder to rectify, they, through the management company, can recover this cost in the long term by financing the repairs through a bank, over say 5 or 10 years, and levying an annual charge on the leaseholders. Which makes the purchase onerous, knowing there is a large cost that could materialize at some point in the future. Talk is of up to 20 K per unit- so that over 5 years is 4 K a year, even over 10 is 2K per year, when typical service charges are 1 K making it unsustainable for most people.
  2. Dronfield, is worth a look, lots of nice properties out there, closer to the open countryside, lots of nice pubs too.
  3. Did this ever get resolved ? MP calls for action to replace cladding on ‘unsafe’ Shefield tower block Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield has called for Government action to make a tower block in the city safe for residents – and ensure those living in the building aren’t left to foot the bill. By Sam Cooper Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 3:50 pm UpdatedTuesday, 12th March 2019, 3:58 pm William Martin who has concerns about the cladding on the Metis tower-block at the corner of West Bar and Scotland Street in Sheffield. Picture: Steve Ellis The Star reported last week on the Metis building at West Bar after an inspection of cladding in 2017 found it to be unsafe – but almost two years on it remains in place. Resident William Martin, aged 30, said leaseholders feared they might have to foot the bill themsselves due to a lack of legislation, prompting Mr Blomfield to raise the issue in a meeting in Westminster Hall earlier today. William Martin who has concerns about the cladding on the Metis tower-block at the corner of West Bar and Scotland Street in Sheffield. Picture: Steve Ellis The Sheffield Central MP said: “A company called HomeGround represents the freeholder, Adriatic, and says that it is not the landlord and is therefore not responsible. “It points fingers at the property management company, Fairways, which says that it is awaiting legal clarification on who is responsible. The suggestion is that the responsibility for the re-cladding will fall on those who own the flats, who face individual bills of upwards of £20,000 each. Read More Sheffield tower block resident: ‘We could face £40,000 bill each to replace cladding deemed unsafe after Grenfell Tower disaster’ “That is a disgrace—the residents cannot afford those sums. William says that he cannot get rid of the property or move on when he wants to, and that frankly, he feels trapped in a prison. That is not acceptable. William Martin who has concerns about the cladding on the Metis tower-block at the corner of West Bar and Scotland Street in Sheffield. Picture: Steve Ellis
  4. People replying to the topic asked for more details so I gave more details, why would anyone make anything up like this ?
  5. The guy with the crash helmet was trying to manhandle the Bike into the back of the van, he couldn't manage it as it had a disklok on it. and I was stood staring at him. The driver did not get out, but when they came back both of them were out of the van trying to push the bike off its stand so they could wheel it away into the van.
  6. I live in Woodseats, a few hundred yards from the Police Station. Outside my house I saw a white Transit Van, kept driving up the road then turning around and I saw that there were two men inside, the passenger had a crash helmet on. There was a very nice BMW motorbike parked on the pavement and clearly they were trying to steal it, so first of all I went out and took a good look, took photos of the van, the registration etc, and went back inside. The van disappeared but I kept an eye on the road, and after about 15 minutes they were back so I called the police on 999. The guy on the phone could not have been less interested, "nothing we can do we don't have any officers available to send round there right now" ( carpark is FULL of police vehicles. Do you want the Reg number so you can keep an eye out for this van ? "no I cant take action it if no crime has been committed" What If I go out and stab him with a kitchen knife, could you send somebody then ? We don't advise that you confront them sir that would be dangerous. So can somebody explain to me what we pay our taxes for ? Luckily the owner came back and the bike was locked up and could not be moved by one person, but Its clear what was happening an I am disgusted.
  7. Anyone know what to do about receiving TV via this box in the corner of my Room ?
  8. Well in S8 we've not had any collections since 18th December. . . Anybody know what the plan is ?
  9. Yes in that case it would have been better to get the professionals in . . .
  10. well, I saw what the contractors did. Basically dig up the old floor and relay a new one in concrete, Cover this and the walls with a kind of thick plastic membrane, with each section glued to the next, and fixed to the wall with plastic plugs. This is called John Newton system 500, it seems very sturdy stuff. I think you could probably buy this by the roll and fit it yourself. For the floor they used a kind of flexible rubber. Over this they put a wooden floor , and fixed studwork to the walls and insulation, and plasteboarded over this. So there is nothing too complex for the averagely competent DIY enthusiast.
  11. Get a few quotes in. I had this done recently by AB Basements, the compete job is around 11K and the finish is super, it makes a genuinely useable room out of what was a damp hovel. I had the buildings inspector involved to make sure it can officially be classed as a habitable room, with a window, fire door etc. If you didn't go to these lengths , it might be cheaper.
  12. My Old Boiler is a Heat only Unit. Hot and cold water tanks are in the attic, and feed a power shower. The system works fine, but I am concious it is old. Is is worth replacing just the boiler, with a more effiecient unit ? or is it better to have a combi nowadays ? How much should I budget for A: Straight swap ? and B: full new system ? House is a Victorian Terrace with 3 bedrooms, 4 floors and 6 radiators ( none in attic ) and a cellar room with a radiator. Thanks
  13. I doubt it, it is not possible to re-instate the road surface as it was, so more potholes and bumps. I was walking down the street today, and found a road almost as bad as most in Sheffield, in Italy, it was only a small patch, the rest was OK, but it reminded me of home . . .
  14. You need a company with a Glass tempering furnace, there is one at Ecclesfield, Yorkshire Toughened Glass, and one at Dronfield, Pilkington, Callywhite lane. It could be cheaper to buy a complete unit from B&Q, around 70 Quid last time I got one, Glass can't be toughened until it is cut to size and polished around the edges, you need a huge and expensive machine to do this, so there are not so many companies. and most have one for their in house needs. Such as double glazing or shop fronts.
  15. Yes Dizzy, They didn't do a proper job on Abbey Lane, just a bit of new Tar thrown over the old crap surface. Its like driving through Plovdiv.
  16. I can't believe it ! this road has JUST been resurfaced, it is the only road in Sheffield that is smooth and not like a Bulgarian cart track. And now, the Incompetent buffoons are digging it up. Why Why Why Why Why Why Are they so stupid ?
  17. Err ?? No thanks, I had a Fab sandwich from Beres and will be going there again in future - Oyes looks like a drop in centre for chainsmoking scrubbers with big gold earrings.
  18. It is a joke ! Before all the ridiculous scheme started, we already had a perfect solution. Taxis waited to the left, under cover, so you could also wait undercover for one, still inside the station. For cars there was a pick up / drop off point, and a car park opposite. It worked brilliantly like that for years. Now we have a dangerous and greedy mess, greedy because there is no longer free parking in the multi storey due to the money grabbing parking companies. and Dangerous because of the sheer number of taxis waiting, and other vehicles trying to come and go. It is hard to imagine anything worse, ever. . . .
  19. Interesting, I've just noticed that this shop - SAPORE - has closed down. I used to go there quite often for bread, as it was previously a bakers shop, but the bloke always seemed grumpy that I Only wanted a couple of breadcakes or a loaf, so I got fed up and went to the Spinks the Bakers shop instead from then on. When it was a traditional bakery it was always busy, but I guess they got it wrong. I'm pleased to see that there will be a Beres Pork Shop opening soon Yum !
  20. I can recommend John Bee, they did an excellent repair on my car when I scraped the side on a wall, and have done many repairs for people I know. They have been in business for years and years, they know what they are doing.
  21. A difficult junction this one, especially if somebody is coming down the road towards the plough, a bit too fast.
  22. I went to Sharm in April it was lovely, very friendly. Wouldn't hesitate to go back, there are a few different places, old town and the modern parts. DONT go into any of the shops for a cup of tea though, you'll never get away.
  23. I just bought a Renault Scenic from Evans Halshaw at Hillsborough, I would recommend them, their prices seem very good, and when I discovered it had a couple of little faults, they fixed them straight away. But note that: I suspect they price the cars very well, and then try to sell you extra warranty and Gap insurance etc. We had to sit through the explanation, even though I told him straight away that we wouldn't be taking any of it as we were paying cash and didn't need finance or anything. And a lot of the cars they had on show, appear to have been smoked in, and they had left the windows ajar, to disguise the smell. Maybe this is whey they are a bit cheaper, it wouldn't bother some people, and a good valet can remove the smell from the interior. So keep this in mind.
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