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  1. As far away as possible how about you, Queens?
  2. Yeah because they were smack heads and wanted the reward. Soooo
  3. The scum of that village have a code of silence.
  4. I used to live in High Green. Born and bred, glad I moved it's a dump! You commit any offence you want and get away with it due to the code of silence up there. Horrible place.
  5. hi can anyone code in new clocks on mk4 golf tdi
  6. Can anyone wire me a sub and amp up i am in rotherham car as wires there
  7. Maybe the kids are drug users but then they're not driving busses are they! Please don't tar all kids as being 'bad' it's a bit discriminatory. ---------- Post added 31-03-2014 at 18:06 ---------- Oh, there's always one
  8. Not a safety issue, Poor customer service I'll grant you but nothing to do with the safety of the vehicle or it's operation Evidence? Reported to the company/police? I would say that a bus driver carrying children using a mobile phone is deffinately a safety issue????
  9. The airbag warning light needs turning off on my Mk 4 Golf. Is there anyone on here who could help or point me in the right direction??
  10. can you give me a quote to take airbag warning light of dash on a mk4 golf gti thanks
  11. Anybody with any knowledge of Mental Health will know full well that it is not a choice! The arrogance and ignorance of some of these comments make me sick! That person must have been in an awful state leading up to the event. It's unbelievable that some of you feel no compassion. Obviously those of you have made such spiteful comments have never had to deal with a mental health issue ( and being in anti-depressants for a couple of months years ago doesn't count!) you have no idea how hard it is to live with unless you've been through it! My thoughts are with this person and his family.
  12. My Daughter used to get a mass bus home from school. Since pulling up at traffic lights and witnessing the driver of the bus on his mobile phone!!!! I have stopped her using them. The busses are filthy, they have left children stood at the bus stop because they didn't have the exact change etc....(a serious safety issue) I have spoken t them twice regarding this, they left me step-daughter stranded on one occasion. I also know a couple of the drivers personally and one of them is a habitual drug user!! Where are the spot check drug tests that other bus companies use???? Resident should care less about the libellous remarks and more about the safety of the hundreds of children the transport every day!
  13. Still is Mass Engineering. Based at Dinnington.
  14. Thankyou all. I've made an appointment with my GP on Monday, I've been on the phone all day and had to make a claim for benefits. I'll keep smiling for my children because I'm all they have got. I haven't got family and not really any close friends as I've only lived in this area for 2yrs. I miss having someone to talk to but you've all gone out of your way to offer support and kindness and it does help. I do feel a bit lonely and isolated but I suppose I'll get used to it?? X
  15. Just to update everyone that has been so kind. My husband has now left me aswell. Just when I thought I would start to feel better and having the courage to seek help again. Feeling very low at the minute and to top it all he has left me and the kids without a penny so got that to sort out. Can things really get any worse???? I guess my depression was too much for him? I'm trying so hard to stay strong for my children but I feel like I've had the wind knocked out of me :-((
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