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  1. i think i may live opposite you placebo. Seems like this is a done deal. Walkley Community Library Futures Group have agreed to work with forum cafe bars, this proposal was submitted in 2013 i'm led to believe. I think the next meeting will be to tell us when work will begin. It was the first i'd heard of it on Tuesday. I'm not happy, but like everything. Our opinions count for nothing. So much for democracy.
  2. I attended a very busy public meeting last night at Walkley Library. The meeting was about the possible off loading of the library to the forum cafe bars. Their intention is to retain a small section as a library,and to convert the rest into a cafe by day and a bar / restaurant at night. Plans show extension around the back for kitchens and bin storage, while the front will be a main entrance and an outside drinking and smoking area. I live around the corner and aired my views,but i'm just interested as to how many folk would welcome this As according to the council and the Forum, it's a popular idea in Walkley.
  3. It was 5.20 when i got to the the top of the allotments on walkley bank road, and 5.55 when i pulled onto the one way system. That was clear
  4. Just wondered if the Tram Gate was clear this evening? While the rest of us were stuck in the snaking traffic down Walkley bank Road to the bottom of malin bridge, and the other way down to rivelin valley road and along. The diverted route since the bridge on Walkley lane is shut. 40 minutes To get from top to bottom. The joy:rolleyes:
  5. we went and missed the first half, the reason it started early was due to the adverse weather conditions?????? thats what the man with the loud hailer was shouting.
  6. Im with you on the 95 service. I was meeting friends at the showroom last saturday at 2.15. I went for the bus at 1.20pm. At 2pm i had to flag a taxi as 3 buses were missing. I was livid. Used be a reliable service. Lord knows what they have that bus lane near brook hill for. The service doesnt merit one. I usually walk to town from walkley, its quicker
  7. The bus lane leading to brookhill roundabout. Pointless, there aren't enough buses running down there anymore to justify it.
  8. yes i can, as i was driving down the road when it left the road. I have no idea what caused it, A very lucky lady, The car hit the bollard somersaulted in the air and hit the lampost upside down. Another car stopped and 2 men managed to get the lady out. Remarkably without a scratch, i honestly thought she was a goner. Not a nice thing to see. But just relieved she was ok
  9. I will never wash my trainers and hang them on my washing line again, and as for a ten quid firework selection box for the kids on bonfire night. They can forget it.
  10. ooh can i join in. One regular 52 driver, always moaning, complains about people having to stand up. refuses to move if hes not happy about where your sat or stood. Refuses to acknowledge you as a customer, never says thanks. When getting off the bus if you thank him he replies with "yeah whatever". Its a joy to travel on his bus.
  11. i'd rather walk past the odd weed smoker, than someone drunk any day
  12. Lets hope they move quicker than their staff do. I'm yet to spend less than 20 minutes in the queue, whether theirs 4 in or 24.
  13. Ok. Try The Chair of The half marathon organisers Margaret Lilley. I have to say She sounded a little worried on the news
  14. dont they just love to waste our money. so it costs x amount to police, X amount to close roads, stewards, advertising etc etc etc. And some numpty cant ensure that water is in place. Disgusted just doesnt cut it for me. In a time when moneys tight, Glad to see that my council tax is being put to good use again.
  15. Shame on Sheffield Council Absolute Embarrassment Couldn't run a bath
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