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  1. Are there any dog walkers on here that cover S26 (Todwick)? Or can someone recommend one? We need someone to walk our two dogs (medium sized) every weekday for half an hour. This would be permanent, from Monday 3rd October, due to my hours changing drastically at work. Preferably any time between 11am and 3pm. Must have insurance, and be able to provide good verifiable references. One of the dogs is not to be trusted with other dogs, therefore they must be walked without anyone else pets, and must not be let off lead. Experience with nervous/fearful dogs will be useful, as will bucket loads of patience! Thanks in advance
  2. I will attempt to answer reasonable questions if you ask them, yes. What are you referring to? Are you asking me for an explanation of the principle of equivalence?
  3. Gerard ’t Hooft gives a much better/thorough debunk of Crothers’ ramblings. And he is far better placed to do so than me, because I only have a lowly theoretical physics degree, whereas ’t Hooft is a Nobel prize winner in physics. See here: http://www.staff.science.uu.nl/~hooft101/gravitating_misconceptions.html if you are even contemplating believing SJCrothers’ nonsense.
  4. As I understand it, it’s a points system, based on particular tasks you are expected to be able to carry out “repeatedly and in a timely fashion”. There are mostly physical ability questions on the forms, which is why mental health claimants get screwed over.
  5. If the government are going to provide financial assistance to people, then I believe it has a right to assess whether they are eligible for that assistance. I don’t personally see assessing them as bullying. What I take issue with is the fact that they are being wrongly assessed, and I suspect that it is due to the assessors not being qualified in mental health. Mentally ill people are vulnerable to start with - subjecting them to needless appeals will make them even more so. I just think there has to be a better way.
  6. Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health this week has found a correlation between a 5% rise in suicides, a 0.5% rise in the prescribing of anti depressant medication and an 11% increase in the number of self-referrals for mental health problems. It would seem that this tougher work capability assessment might be doing more harm than good. I personally don’t have a problem with the principle of being assessed for disability related benefits - it is necessary. But for mentally unwell people to be assessed by people who quite possibly have no training in mental health is ridiculous. Shouldn’t cases be assessed by a professional with training in the relevant area? Why is this not happening? The DWP does point out that this study may be misleading - in that the numbers were not cases taken directly from WCA applicants, and also that it is only a correlation - so cause and effect cannot be implicitly stated. Despite that, I feel that there need to be changes implemented to the entire policy - it clearly isn’t working. Story here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/nov/16/fit-for-work-tests-serious-toll-mental-health-work-capability#_=_
  7. I think you are all missing the point here. Whilst I agree that the lady should not have gone so far as to publicly air her offence, in her defence, she had a very professional (no mini skirt, nor ramped up cleavage) picture, displayed on her professional work profile. This isn’t Facebook. This is LinkedIN. People who use this site correctly, use it to connect with other professionals who work in their area of expertise. I would find it rather disturbing if I were to be messaged by someone who commented on my photograph, and did not mention the business/professional context in which they wish to connect with me. Now, contrast that with Facebook, where I do have a select few ‘selfies’ on show, and if some random man were to leave a comment saying I looked pretty (never gonna happen, but hey-ho!), I would think it was a nice compliment. I would be creeped out, since my FB profile is private - but you get the point. Facebook is for comments such as this man’s, and LinkedIN is for professional business/research/jobs/ etc.
  8. So you’re on a mission to avoid chemicals? Best not eat food then. Especially not ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ food, since much of that contain more chemicals than your average Mars bar, that’s for sure…. Give this a read: http://io9.com/what-if-natural-products-came-with-a-list-of-ingredient-1503320184?commerce_insets_disclosure=off&utm_expid=66866090-48.Ej9760cOTJCPS_Bq4mjoww.1&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fio9.com%2Fwhat-if-natural-products-came-with-a-list-of-ingredient-1503320184%3Fcommerce_insets_disclosure%3Doff and then tell me that natural produce is lower in chemicals than processed stuff.
  9. There should be stricter entry requirements in my opinion. Universities used to be for the very talented, however these days anyone can get through clearing with as little as CCC grades. It’s ridiculous! I don’t fully agree that the split of financial incentive should be a straightforward STEM vs Arts one though - it would be far better to raise the fees for those who can afford them, and for those taking Arts and other subjects that perhaps don’t allow for such a well paying job afterwards , and use the surplus made from this to pay for poor people who hit the stricter (i.e. AAA) requirement. Of course, since A levels are now getting far too easy (much easier than they were in my day at least), this would be difficult to implement, since the very bright students are harder to differentiate. I don’t dislike the scrapping of grants in favour of loans - after all, why should the tax payer have to pay? If a student wants to get a degree, and wants to make good money after, then they should absolutely be charged for it. Nothing is ‘free’… somebody is paying for it, and in my eyes, it should be the person benefiting from it - the student, if they chose an appropriate course in the first place.
  10. Seems a bit too much, but if they just do what they currently do for a passport or driving licence (with address) and people are made to keep the address part updated (like in Germany I believe when you have to register your home with some authority or other that I can’t pronounce?) then it’s a good idea. Saves people requiring loads of other stuff - would just be one card to carry round
  11. That’s true. I wonder how these people get bank accounts and such?
  12. Forgive my ignorance here, but could someone please explain what they mean by ID cards? We already have ID in the form of driving licence/passports. If you mean a proof of age card, I’m sure teenagers can apply already for such things. Have I missed some news story or other?
  13. I know what you mean - my ‘cushioning’ has gotten more stubborn about shifting since I hit 30 as well I think it is important to be bothered though. Not purely for looks - that would be shallow/vain, but for health reasons, it’s definitely worth the effort.
  14. I thought that as well - PhD is a decent company for sports nutrition though. At least they aren’t promoting those silly (and sometimes dangerous!) dieting pills...
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