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  1. Tesco had some tonight ,also pound land had them too
  2. Good on you i had a Similar situation the other week on the Rotherham x78 bus from Meadowhall a group of 5 autistic boys in their late teens ( with career) and a so called animal of a middle aged man gold teeth as well mutating under his breath calling them stupid thick etc etc ,him not knowing that I am a mother of 2 young autistic boys put it this way he got a piece of my mind ... I think the career was great full that someone actually said sum thing but couldn't tell as he was covering his face with joy (eg laughing) lol I would like to state we are the thick ones for taking the mick out of any1 that has some form of disability
  3. I'm sorry this has happened to your grand-daughter but having a disability still has no right for anybody to spit in her face my 2 sons have autism and if any 1 did anything to them I would not be able to control my actions .i hope you do found who ever it was
  4. Yes its true heard from a very good friend who runs a bike workshop
  5. Jeff halls motorcycle centre to close in a couple of weeks he's not even handing shop over to his family will be sorry to see him go bought a few motorbikes off him good luck jeff :thumbsup
  6. Try sheffield aquatic supplies langsett road hillsbrough closed Monday though
  7. Pg travel 01142312083 his name is Paul .... Very good and reliable
  8. To be honest my son has the new iPad the charger is the same has a iPhone 5 and he's on his 5th 1 there bloody terrible at the wires coming loose inside ,so I would try and see if you can get the iPhone 4 it's worth a try
  9. Bengal patterned cat found dead in middle of road
  10. Hi there might not be useful to you but my friend has a 4 bed on parson cross the bedrooms are really big she has 4 kids 2 youngest share a room and there's loads of room even we 2single beds in and the oldest have a bedroom each both with a double bed the kitchen is not massive but the other room s make up for it .hope this helps and good luck with the move
  11. Thank you I've seen a school in the area will give them a ring to see if they have spaces .will go into currant school tomorrow
  12. I am moving to kimberworth and I have a 10yr old that I want to move to a different school but I'm not sure what I have to do could anyone help
  13. You can catch the 47 bus from pond street interchange not sure when last bus is though sorry
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