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  1. Sent you a PM Stopper. ---------- Post added 23-10-2018 at 20:00 ---------- Steve (st135). The message was addressed to stopper (stopperstoke - keyboard player). Cheers.
  2. I'm already with a band but if I can give you a leg up starting/rehearsing It'd be beneficial for me as well as we don't rehearse/play every week and it'd keep my pipes working!
  3. Wasn't yesterday but I've called in today and spoke to him. Ta.
  4. Anyone have a contact number for the person who runs the shop? Ta.
  5. Seems fair to me. I'd do it no prob if I had the gear.
  6. I've started to get an Amazon Assistant pop up every second or so. Doesn't matter which browser or what site is open. I can see it in control panel - programs, but the grey install/uninstall tabs remain grey so I can't click uninstall. I've also started to get a Microsoft pop up only when using E Bay, telling me I've won something or other. I'm using Windows 10. Thanks in anticipation
  7. Anybody fix this mic or know anyone that does? Power button seems to have failed on handset. Cheers.
  8. I'm having similar issues with this site as you! Did you get my e mail?
  9. Natalie, I mailed you after your first post and didn't receive a reply. I understand if we're not what you're looking for, but a mail from you to say so would have been appreciated.
  10. Anybody got any stage lights they want shut of? Don't need anything fancy, just plain cans will do. Ta.
  11. Pick the guitar up once every six months and soon lose interest, I'm afraid. Basic chord stuff would be OK. I've been singing in bands for about 18yrs now and I suppose I've taken the easy option and just turn up and warble rather than carry loads of gear around. Would consider backing if needed and would consider an acoustic sideline, perhaps two guitars and vox? Cheers.
  12. Sorry Bob. The reply was meant for the fella putting the band together.
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