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  1. Looking for recommendations for room hire for a 30th birthday party next April. Would be for around 50-60 people and ideally in city centre or S6. Thanks.
  2. It opened on Saturday last week. I went in on Tuesday and had pie, mash and pies for a fiver. Good quality and a big portion too. The gluten free and vegan pies looked good too. Will be going back!
  3. Hi, We move this weekend and need to hire a Luton van with tail lift. We are based in S6 so would need somewhere close to there as we don't want to have to drive to get there! (We have on street parking and are currently parked outside the house!) Thanks
  4. We are going away for 2 weeks at the beginning of September to Florida. We are really desperate to find somewhere for our 2 year old west highland terrier to stay whilst we are away. As it's been booked fairly late on, a lot of places are full so I'm wanting to check if anyone on here knows anywhere or can recommend where we can try? Thanks!
  5. That was on the corner of my street the other day. Anyone know what it is?
  6. Hi, it's a spin off group from another group I'm part of. I'm just trying to work out whether it'd be possible to do venue wise!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a venue for a potential book club I'm trying to set up. There will be around 10-15 people meeting once a month. Can anyone recommend anywhere that we can meet? We raise money for charity so would preferably like a free venue if this is possible!
  8. The Closed Shop in Commonside The Malin Bridge Inn
  9. There's 2 on middlewood road near the tram gate at the barracks too.
  10. Hi, How much have you got? We really need some for between our beds in our allotment. When can we collect?
  11. I'm going away the first 2 weeks in September and will be needing someone to look after my 2 year old Westie. Could anyone recommend me somewhere/give me prices if you can help? I'm a bit overwhelmed as its the first time I'll be leaving her more than 1 night!
  12. I take my car to Atkinsons Motor Services on Oakland Road. He's brilliant.
  13. We treat our Westie every 3 months. We have tablets instead of spot on as I'm allergic to something in the solution.
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