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  1. Please can someone advise me please. We are wanting to move but have never had to sell a house before. We live near crystal peaks and have had 6 local agents round to value the house and get an idea on fees. Valuations are all quite similar all within £10,000 range of each other. We have seen blundells,haybrooks and h browns.key2go,jmc and your move I am now baffled about the direction to go with selling the property being that the bigger agents ie blundells fill me more with confidence that they will sell our house and quite quickly.....however their fees are astronomical ! Has anyone dealt with blundells recently ? Did you understand their fees? As I am left very unsure about what's included(their legal stuff included??) Can anyone shed any light or previous experience/tips on moving and the agents above???? We just don't know what to do.....shelling out a smaller amount up front makes us question the agents motivation for selling our home...yet we may need to take out another mortgage to cover the bigger agent fees !! All advice appreciated
  2. Hi I would like to start netball again. If you could pm me please. Thanks
  3. hi There are some good sized offices (15ish sq Meter/160ish sq Foot) for hire in central killamarsh,the cost is approx £160-£170 per month for the room which gets cleaned and looked after once a week (service charge included).I am going to have a part time business whereby I will see clients 2-3 days of the week.One day will be a set day but the other two are likely to change due to other commitments .Unfortunately I cannot justify or afford the office being that I will be there for less than half of the week and am therefore looking for somebody similar who is flexible and is looking for their own office space for the other days of the week.Obviously the cost would be split 50/50 therefore costing around £85 per month for 3.5 days.The owners have agreed to let on a rolling basis of 6 monthly rather than 12.The building also has free parking for staff/clients. Please private message me if interested
  4. lorry now off trAM Tracks but there is a back log because of it
  5. hi need to get to chesterfield hospital from killamarsh,has anyone caught the train to chesterfield today?
  6. Help my mobile phone is broken and Palm,O2 will not fix it.Does anyone know where I can get it looked at in Sheffield?
  7. We were informed that whatever happens,deposit will not be returned (as before).Im sure you would not get your deposit back I would definately double check that before you book anything.
  8. My fiance and I took a long time in deciding on Aston Hall for our wedding reception. We got a date held and just before we were due to pay the deposit we were informed that the hotels holding company, and sister hotels are been managed by administrators. Does anyone know if we can still take wedding insurance before laying down a deposit, and if we would be covered for our deposits? or anything? Also would our money's be legally ring fenced so it is not used to pay off debts? We intend to contact the administrator to discuss, so any advice would be welcome asap. thanks
  9. Is any a member of sam jones.how much is it?? They quoted me £34 as a student yet i have seen other threads where people are paying that as a normal price.thanks to any answers in advance
  10. Can anyone help me??I am in desperate need of a good sunday lunch carvary(help yourself carvery) pub or restaurant Can anyone plaese recommend a good one in the Mosborough or nearby area Thanks
  11. Hi Does anybody out there come from anywhere in the North West area?or can anyone tell me if there are popular online forums like sheffieldforum.co.uk for Manchester,Chester,Liverpool,Blackpool etc.. that covers just about everything???
  12. Like Beckb im a past Au Pair.....best move you will ever take
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