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  1. Try Smeatons round corner from A1 pits, theres only 7 pegs which you have to book usually fishes better at night some good Barbel, Carp and Chub
  2. True mate, thats why I've always walked out empty handed
  3. Ian's on prince wales road, never bought owt off him though
  4. for want some of the secondhand tackle is going for could be cheaper to buy new inexpensive tackle from a tackle shop at least you'll know where its come from and it helps the local tackle shop ---------- Post added 12-04-2014 at 20:33 ---------- If all else fails.....Argos it
  5. Heard of one round there called NHS pond, been told its good for Pike free fishing
  6. Pebley seems to have gone down hill for Piking never seen any big girls taken, I've managed a 14lb few years ago. Dam Flask some big ones in there but can be hard to find em.
  7. Pike, Perch & Chub this winter be staying local for the Perch and Chub
  8. At catclife thinks its 2.50 day ticket or 12.00 season ticket
  9. Does anybody own the reel in question if so whats your thoughts? performance wise its the front drag version
  10. I can remember them blowing it up, it shook our windows over at Gleadless, I was only a young teen but remember it on the local news
  11. Had a walk down side of the Don yesterday near Meadowhall river was low could see a few Barbel in the streamer weed easy around the 6 to 8lb mark, hardest thing is getting down to the river, love to try rolling some meat under the streamer weed though
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