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  1. Hi, know it's a long shot but just wondered if anyone had any details of this angling club please? Feel free to PM if required. Many thanks Michael
  2. Hiya, are you still wanting these? what sizes are you after?
  3. Had 50 in my daughters bedroom this morning. Some seal missing around the window frame so must of got in through that. Took me bloody ages to catch them all!
  4. Unfortunately a close neighbour of ours was burgled last night in Beighton. Some scrote smashed in the patio doors and had a good rummage around. These are two of the nicest people you'll meet, so obviously gutted for them. The reason I'm posting this is that all too often, people tend to ignore house alarms and pass it off as accidental. Unfortunately last night I was guilty of this when in fact there was likely a burglary in progress. In my defence, the house lights were on and the alarm only sounded for 5 mins or so. I presumed that my neighbours were in when the alarm stopped. That said if I had gone round & checked then at the very least I may have disturbed them and limited the amount of stuff they got their scruffy hands on. Absolutely disgusted, and sadly fairly confident they won't be caught. So lesson learnt for me, unfortunately at the expense of my neighbours.
  5. Not really a road but Frog Walk that runs alongside General Cemetry is very spooky. Don't know if there's any stories about it out there. I can second Bunting Nook as well, used to go up there as a lad. Always got weirded out, especially up near the old house and church.
  6. I'll be honest I've never dealt with aquaponics, or tilapia for that matter! I work with koi though. Sounds like a great little set-up, very interesting. In regards to the problem your having, could be a number of things to look at. Not sure if you use a growing substrate for the plants (aquatic compost or similar) but if you are maybe the substrate is making its way into the pond and not being removed efficiently by the mechanical filter media, causing high suspended solids in the water. This could be resolved by using a finer gauge matting in the filter, and or topping off with filter wool/floss similar to cotton wool (particularly effective at removing fines). To be honest swirl concentraters are renowned for being somewhat lacking for mechanical filtration, particularly in high load environments. This may be your problem. Dirty water shouldn't cause fish deaths in itself, but can stress fish by clogging/damaging gills at higher levels, resulting in increased disease susceptibility. If you don't think this may be the cause, could it be that the bio filter isn't fully mature yet. I don't know how long you've had the system running, but for a filter to become fully mature can take weeks, if not months. In this maturing period too many fish or too much feed going in could cause ammonia/nitrite levels to spike. The responding bacterial blooms can cloud the water. As ammonia and nitrite are extremely toxic to fish in all but the lowest levels, fish will die either through acute toxicity, or disease as result of stress caused by less than optimal conditions. Water changes will help to keep pollutant levels in check while the filter catches up. And adding pond salt at 2 grams per litre will help block the effects of nitrite poisoning (not sure how well tilapia tolerate salt though). As I say it's only guess work on my part I'm afraid. Not trying to teach you how to suck eggs so to speak lol. But these are certainly the first things I'd be looking at.
  7. Hi mate dunno if you got problem sorted or not? What problems are you having? Give us a few details and I might be able to help. Cheers Michael
  8. Seen a flock of them in crookes valley park, in the trees near Dam house. This were a fair few years ago now though.
  9. Hi I enquired about these a few years ago, the top 3 smaller lakes are known as Dobholme fishery. Season ticket only mixed fishery, ring Dobholme farm for details. Looks lovely and quiet, think a tickets about £150. The two larger dams are Skelper Ponds. Griffin Angling Club run by HSBC bank have got rights on these and unfortunately it's a no go unless you're a staff member of HSBC.
  10. Bag the fish up and knot it. Get a polythene fish bag from anywhere that sells fish. Try and save as much water from the aquarium as possible in a seperate water tight container so conditions are similar when it comes to putting the fish back in. Wouldn't leave it sloshing about in a fish tank, it'll just knock itself silly, especially if its sizeable.
  11. As I mentioned before anti-fungal treatment won't treat what i suspect is an external bacterial infection of the mouth. Its very rare for any fish to develop a fungal infection, unless its secondary to some other issue, in particular, bacterial infection. The most widely available bactericide for the general fish keeper is acriflavine based medicines. They're not the best, but easy to get hold of. Use this with aquarium salt at 3g/litre. This will help a) reduce the bacterial load in water, b) treat the affected fish, c) the salt will reduce osmotic (water/salt balance) stress on the fish, which in turn helps promote the fish's natural immune system. In regards to topical treatments, its nothing to stress over. Again tcp works just fine. Simply remove the fish and dap tcp onto the wound with cotton wool. Do this every few days until any wound clears and starts healing. Finally as someone said earlier, infections in fish are usually a symptom of a more general issue or imbalance in the aquarium. Therefore ensure water parameters are maintained (ammonia 0ppm, nitrite 0ppm, nitrate <50ppm). pH should be kept at a steady 7.5-8 with no sudden fluctuations. Finally the tank needs to kept as clean a possible, with regular water changes. If as you said the fish isn't feeding well make sure to keep feed to a minimum. Over feeding will result in polluted, dirty water, and will exacerbate your problem. Hopefully this may help.
  12. Hi dont know if this problems sorted yet or not, but sounds more likely a bacterial issue, mouth rot being a common external bacterial infection. Anti-fungus treatments may help prevent secondary fungal infection, but will do little to treat the causative issue. If your still having problems: Find an acriflavine based treatment Use in combination with salt @ 3g / litre water If the fish is large enough, remove from tank and treat the infected area topically with tcp or similar. Ensure aquarium/pond hygiene is maintained.
  13. Only ever fished it for carp, but all fish in there go to decent size. Small lures and spinner i've seen used for the perch and the pike (not sure if there's many left in there now though). As far as carp go, they certainly are catchable, both on bottom baits and off the top. But these fish are cute (not in a cuddly way!!), they've had that much chucked at them over the decades they've been in there, that they don't fall easily to many tactics. So be prepared to put the time in, and know that you'll most likely blank far more than you'll catch. Frustrating, but rewarding when you do eventually get one in the net!! I haven't fished the place for a while, but might have to pay it a visit again soon. For some reason it always pulls you back lol. Until you get fed up blanking again anyway!! If you want any more info send us a pm.
  14. What is it your targetting mate? Carp or anything that swims lol?
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