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  1. Let us know how you get on if you fish it
  2. I've not fished it but friends have they had some nice fish out and it's a lot easier than Pebley cant remember the price think its a fiver and pay on the bank. They used to fish down the side of the boat yard is where the fence goes into the water
  3. Yearly tickets were available think they were 50 quid a year and a 30 quid key deposit when joining. Members can reserve pegs as well. Never heard of anyone breaking into cars there. Aslo got a lot of pike in if you pike fish the winter months
  4. Not been for a year but last time i went it was £5 for 2 rods, baliff comes round and collects money on bank. Very big water making it quite hard to catch heard about fish upto 30lb . Everyone i spoke to says you need to prebait up a couple of days before fishing
  5. Petermans forklifts might be able to help. They do fix our pump trucks at work and jacks are the same principle
  6. You can night fish for carp on Pebley and Harthill reservoirs
  7. Coppen Estates move at a snails pace and only reply to letters. They've held up the buying of our new house for months already and not gonna start the paperwork till after xmas now. Don't think they realise or care about the stress they put on people who need to work with them.
  8. Cheers unfortunately their full at the moment. Anyone any other ideas or knows anyone who would want it.
  9. Hi Does anyone know of anywhere that will take large tropical fish in. I've got a pleco thats outgrown it's tank. Cheers
  10. billy clarke has a good selection and good advice
  11. Amazed how many cyclists don't do this, most accidents and near misses i have seen could have been avoided if they had done a lifesaver check.
  12. I'm off to center parcs next week has anyone fished the lakes there can't find to much info on it. Don't know whether to take carp or coarse gear. Any advice much appreciated.
  13. Saw around a 20 come out beginning off last summer, biggest i got last year was 17lb. On the bottom pond about 3 pegs put watch out for the lilies you cant see them in the winter.
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