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  1. Well there you go. I'm not sure I can work it out as far as your own generation is concerned but Elizabeth Oliver (Paramore/Barratt) was my grandmother. As far as we know she was full sister to Harry Barratt and half sister to Clara, Annie, Rose, Fanny and Joseph Barratt and she was I believe half sister to Mary Ann, George, William and John Paramore. Now that is not entirely certain as there is some confusion over birth and death dates for her and her "father" Henry Paramore. If you have more information I would be keen to hear it.
  2. Harry, John Mick and Peter are sons of Harold who worked with his brothers Edwin, Ernest, Dick and Harry for their father Edward Oliver, my grandfather. Edwards other sons George and Ted also owned shops in Attercliffe opposite Banners and the Attercliffe Palace. Another son Alf (also mentioned in this thread) worked for Edward's brother Ernest in the shop on Staniforth Rd. Ted had a son Teddy and a grandson Michael who eventually owned the shop on Eccleshall Road. There is a whole tribe of Olivers and their families although the only sibling still alive is Gladys, the youngest daughter of Edward. George's grandson David has a website for family information.
  3. Herbert Ernest and Edward Oliver owned butchers shops in Attercliffe and Darnall from around 1900 to about 1965 when Edward died. Herbert's shop was at the bottom of Staniforth Rd. Edwards shop was on Attercliffe Common. Later Edwards sons Ted and George had shops opposite Banners and his sons Harry , Edwin,Ernest and Dick ran the Common shop with him. His son Herbert ran a wholesale butchery at Sheffield abbatoir. Ernest and Herbert the elders made a deal of money form coal beneath the land of High Hazels Farm and sold the land for Olivers Mount.
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum but spotted some threads regarding Olivers Mount in Darnall. As one of your contributers commented, the houses at Olivers Mount were built on land owned by Ernest and Herbert Oliver who owned High Hazels Farm and lived at Bramley Hall. The brothers along with another brother Edward, my grandfather, ran butchers shops in Attercliffe and Darnall. Later (1940 - 1970) Edwards sons ran shops in Attercliffe, on Attercliffe Common and at the bottom of Staniforth Rd. Edward lived on Freestone Place Attercliffe and brought up a large family (14) there.
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