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  1. The web link for the play is below http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/search/searchPerformance.asp?performance_id=91051&sid=
  2. A thank you to all those who took the trouble to respond. I will follow up on the various suggestions. Cheers
  3. Hi we recently bought a garden table with 4 chairs. We'd ordinarily be happy to rub off the flaking paint ourselves but because of the intricate design I don't think it will be possible (or least easy) to rub off all the flaked paint. Does anyone know of a reasonalby priced service where we can get the furniture dipped to enable us to then repaint the furniture? Thanks
  4. Hi I'm quite a keen sportsman (football and athletics) but annoyingly I've been blighted by hamstring and lower back problems of the past few yrs. Currently injured again, sciatica type pains etc. This constant frustation has tilted me over the edge and I now find myself considering Pilates (I'm guessing not many guys take this up). Does anyone know of any good classes, preferably around the S10 area? Willing to pay a reasonable amount particulary if it means lower numbers in the class etc. Any information would be gratefully received Cheers
  5. Due to illness I'm unable to see the Pigeon Detectives tonight at Doncaster Dome. Willing to let the two tickets go for £15 (less than half what I paid for them). If interested please call me directly on 01142 676867 as I won't have access to the internet for the rest of the day. Cheers
  6. Hi Does anyone know of any running clubs/groups which do any training runs midweek from around the S10 Endcliffe park, Crookes, Crookesmoor, Broomhill type area. Not a complete beginner, used to run for a club prior to coming to Sheffield but stopped because of injury in 2000 but looking to do more proper running now. Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks
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