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  1. Mr Strange was my teacher 1965/66. Helped me pass my 11+. Did he live on Hemper Lane? I don't remember his wife teaching there.
  2. Why should a Birmingham, an English city have a Welshman involved in the opening ceremony? Tom Jones should be invited if Cardiff is chosen as the host city.
  3. Jeff Lynne and ELO. Ozzy Osboune. Slade. Roy Wood. Jasper Carrott
  4. I played for the Abbey Hotel, 1972 - 1974. I remember games against Timbertop. Our home games were on pitches behind Maud Maxfield school at Bents Green.
  5. Everton may well be a district of the city.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday came into existence in 1929. Before that they were known as the Wednesday. Story goes that they always thought they were much more massive than the city of Sheffield and so refused to carry the city's name. In fact about 1989 or 1990 Sheffield Wednesday Football Club plc dissolved and a new company Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Ltd was formed. It's all a bit like Trigger's broom in Only Fools and Horses.
  7. Wednesday were facing relegation to the 4th division (in the late 70's) and the Sheffield Star decided to run a campaign to 'Save Our Owls' The campaign must have worked because Wednesday avoided relegation. A few years later 1980/81 the Blades were in a similar position but the Sheffield Star decided not run a campaign. The Blades were relegated May 2nd 1981 after losing to Walsall. Sheffield City Council and the Star have always favoured those at S6.
  8. There's only a few hours to go but I was fully expecting the report to be made available at about 5.00pm today (Friday). This will give Boris et al the opportunity of avoiding questions over the weekend.
  9. Great photos. Thanks for posting. Having been brought up on the Lowedges estate I found the ariel photo of St Peter's Church (c. 1965) very interesting. The photo seems to have been taken from the (now disappeared) 13 storey flats. It is taken before the Greenhill Parkway was constructed. I wonder if those planners when they were devising the Greenhill Parkway would have thought that 6 decades later there would be regular traffic issues just half a mile down the road at 4 lane ends now the Meadowhead roundabout.
  10. I cannot inderstand this acceptance of alcohol being allowed at the place of work. We all work in different industries and it would never cross our minds to be drinking alcohol whilst in the building of our employment. Even Kier Starmer has had photo taken of him consuming beer whilst at work. We have a very strange and unusual relationship with alcohol in this country.
  11. In contrast, from the Royal and walking down Abbeydale Road it was a long stretch before you reach the Broadfield.
  12. It seems the top 4 concerns are all based around car traffic. The planners need to put something in place regarding traffic that will ease the concerns of the 40% who seem to be against the idea. A really radical solution needs to be planned. I'm afraid the St James Retail Park traffic management doesn't bode well. It's disappointing to see such a high % who have voted against the proposal.
  13. I long for the days when the top of Meadowhead roundabout was known as 'four lane ends' controlled by traffic lights or a police officer directing traffic. Brocklehurst's garage was a major landmark. Lowedges was still being built. Batemoor and Jordanthorpe were open fields. No Dronfield by-pass and the the road to the Nags Head, (a traditional pub and not a branded Toby) was single carriageway. I think I'm turning into an old fart.
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