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  1. In the 1960's it had a Carnaby Street feel about it.
  2. On the comedy front I enjoy watching the Royle Family.
  3. I disagree. We are blessed with some of the very best script writers. There have been some great dramas on both BBC and ITV in the past few years. The writers, quite rightly so are getting much more appreciation. The problem is the quality of programmes outside of these dramas is very poor.
  4. Cameron Dawson was not responsible for Wednesday starting the season on -12. Gary Monk was not responsible for Wednesday starting the season on -12. And yet Mr Chansiri can do nothing wrong according to many Wednesdayites. One of the last callers on Football Heaven last night. Michael. Sounded an old fella. He knew who is to blame.
  5. Agree. Good luck to them. I hope Fitzalan Square gets the right balance of good retail and catering outlets and the whole area is a success.
  6. I live at Gateford (since 1998). The estate we live on is well designed with lots of open spaces. The cost of the house was substantially less than it would cost in Sheffield. There are more houses being built although I doubt the present developers will give over as much land for open spaces. The road link to Sheffield has been vastly improved around the Todwick area although Anston can become a bottleneck. Shops are handy. Romans Rest pub is OK although I've not been in for months.
  7. I remember the name 'Hicks'. Cannot recall the first name. Good friend with one of the Strutt family. Saw the lad I'm thinking of at Bramall Lane a couple of years ago.
  8. Absolutely spot on. And the most important part of your explanation is 'transparency'. Chansiri thinks he is so far above the average Wednesday fan that he chooses not to explain to them the consequences of his actions and decisions. Arrogance of the highest order. On the balance sheet under liabilities should be the name 'Chansiri'.
  9. One on at the moment. Think it's called 'Ghosts'. How that has an 8.30pm slot on BBC1 I'll never know.
  10. RIP Johnny Quinn. How many of the 1966 FA Cup final team are still with us? From memory ........Springett, Smith, Megson, Quinn, Ellis (Mobley), Young, Pugh, McCalliog, Fantham, Usher (?),
  11. I was thinking exactly the same thing about Van Aken. Last seen on his way up to Fleetwood still looking for Mark Duffy.
  12. I thought Jack was in self isolation. Although I thought the same about Lunny but he's playing today
  13. I understand we've not been fully paid for Brooks transfer to Bournemouth. There'll be a sell-on clause that we will benefit from with regard to Ramsdale being sold by Bournemouth (that one's a strange one) And if Brooks gets sold for an apparent £40million we may be in line for a 25% sell on clause. These all help toward the £18.5 million fee. Good keeper. Good business. Well done Blades.
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