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  1. abbeyedges

    Cafes/coffee bars ecclesall road

    Lost and Found have a decent outside area.
  2. abbeyedges

    Blades v Forest

    I've noticed more and more that the media are focusing primarily on Leeds then Norwich and then we may get a mention. BBC Breakfast sports news this morning was all about Leeds shock home defeat. Long may it continue. Let's use that underdog tag to our advantage. Must admit toward the end of last season Fulham's free flowing football seemed to attract more media attention than the steady performances of Neil Warnock's Cardiff
  3. Not sure when the new football facility being built for Sheffield United Women will be completed at the Legacy Park on Attercliffe Road but United always seem very approachable when it comes to supporting the community. Your user name may prevent you doing this!
  4. He brought the world's attention to these young men who lost their lives in a Sheffield park. Of course there'll be those who'll look for gaps in the story. That sadly is human nature. They will hope their story becomes bigger than the original story. As Tony Foulds has always maintained - it was never about him but about those who died 75 years ago.
  5. abbeyedges

    Wilder's success record.

    If his name was Christiano Wilderinho from another part of the world then I'm sure he'd have been snapped up by a Premier league club by now. But Chris Wilder from Stocksbridge means he's operating under the radar. Long may it continue.
  6. abbeyedges

    new football ground at meadowhead

    I'll be sorry to see the old Coach and Horses ground disappear. As a kid growing up on Lowedges in the 1960's we used to often walk over the farmers fields (before the Dronfield by pass was built) to watch matches involving Norton Woodseats who played their home games there. For a period of time we were allowed to train with the players (Thursday evenings I think). There was a guy there by the name of Roy(?) Rodgers who seemed to be the secretary or manager. I recall in the dressing room an obscure framed colour photo of Spurs v. Burnley in the 1962 FA Cup final.
  7. abbeyedges

    new football ground at meadowhead

    It's a great site. The opportunities to create a community stadium is enormous with the surrounding residential areas of Norton, Woodseats, Lowedges, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe, Greenhill and even as far as Bradway. If they get it right and if matches are not clashing with the Blades or Wednesday I think they could pull in some decent crowds.
  8. abbeyedges

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Appreciate the comment Bassett but I've 'googled' 'Sheffield fc new ground' and nothing relevant appears. My 'fake news' comment was tongue in cheek but a number of us (due to our keen interest) have asked for a link to be posted.
  9. abbeyedges

    new football ground at meadowhead

    I'm sure that there hasn't been a link posted for this so I'm treating it as fake news.
  10. abbeyedges

    Leeds v Blades

    Things have a tendency of evening themselves out in football. Whatever comments Leeds fans want to make about Saturday's game we could equally have made similar comments about the reverse fixture at the Lane in December. We had the lion's share of possession and they scored a 'lucky goal.' Not wishing to condone Baldock's tackle but the one he suffered at Ellad Road last season could have ended his career.
  11. abbeyedges

    Leeds v Blades

    Come on now Rotherham. Do us a favour.
  12. abbeyedges

    Old Sheffield restaurants

    Weren't they called The Four Restaurants? I think they were all owned by Marsden Caterers.
  13. abbeyedges

    will the Blades go up?

    You ask the question '......how are the Blades expected to compete with such clubs?' Answer Chris Wilder.
  14. abbeyedges

    Havelock Bridge

    In the 1960's the Blades had players Jones, Hodgkinson and Munks playing for them. As a kid going to the match on the 42 or 53 bus I was always fascinated by the names 'Hodkin and Jones' plus next door was 'Monks' (another building company).
  15. abbeyedges

    The New Wednesday?

    We may not be the best side in the division but we're certainly in the top one. (Acknowledgements to Brian Clough)

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