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  1. Beginning with 'S' - There was Spittlehouse Caterers who I think were based at Greenhill. The Omega has been mentioned. I think Sheffield Refreshment Houses Group started the Omega. (They also owned Hotel St George, Kenwood and Roslyn Court). Not sure if they did outside catering.
  2. Lesney Toys started in 1947. They were responsible for the manufacture and distribution of their Matchbox range.
  3. We got 42 points in 1993/94 (admittedly 42 game season but still same ratio) and 38 points in 2006/07. Unfortunately not enough to save us.
  4. There have been many 'failed Cowley's.' Paul Heckingbottom did well at Barnsley but failed at Leeds. Paul Hirst did well at Shrewsbury but it didn't work at Ipswich. Nathan Jones is struggling at Stoke after doing a good job at Luton. ......but then you get Chris Wilder.
  5. It may well be his or her 'strapping lads' are in their thirties.
  6. According to the Mail on Line Wednesday are in talks with the Cowley brothers. They've turned down a £1.4 million deal from Huddersfield. Not sure if Wednesday can meet or better that figure.
  7. Ainsworth ? Now that would be popular in S2. He's always avoided coming to Sheffield in the past. Conveniently injured every time we played his team. 'Unknown overseas manager'.......like Carlos or Jos?
  8. Not wishing to sound patronising but you are one of the most sensible of the 'other lot' to post on here and yet I'm surprised you don't seem aware that Pearson has always said he wouldn't wish to manage Wednesday (or United for that matter) due to spoiling his life living in the city.
  9. Rather reversal of roles. Bournemouth have had about 5 years (could be more) on us to establish themselves in the Premier league. A draw was a very good result in particular in the circumstances the equaliser came. The game against Wednesday was exactly the same. Wednesday had 5 years on the Blades to establish themselves as a serious Championship side (and that continues). It should have been the Blades who went into that game as the underdogs.
  10. I think it's fair to say we are taking our promotion to the Premier league seriously. Well done to the management and board.
  11. Nobby Stiles may well have not been England's number 4 in 1966 if Duncan Edwards had survived the Munich air disaster or Tony Kay hadn't received a life ban. Same applies to Jack Charlton and Peter Swan.
  12. So Norwich are doing exactly the same as the Blades. Getting all their new players for nothing.
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