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  1. How much investment came our way when Blair and Blunkett were in charge of the country?
  2. Rotherham may suffer in this week's match from the 'new manager syndrome'.
  3. Not disagreeing with the comment about the midfield trio but who else is available to fill those places?
  4. Remember him in 'No Hiding Place' way back in the 1960's RIP
  5. Admittedly only a rumour but I heard JOC maybe on the bench
  6. Not really helping with your question but I remember 'The Air That I Breathe' was a huge hit in 1974.
  7. The anti-Wilder brigade haven't an alternative because there isn't one. I bought into the Wilder revolution when I saw them on TV play at Gillingham in early 2016/17. Chris Wilder is not just the team manager. In his words he has his 'fingerprints all over the club.' He's set out to change the club and not just the team. For this to be successful he needs time. The progress made in nearly five years is remarkable. That progress should allow him the time to complete the job. More clubs should follow our example and realise at some stage or other the sackings have to stop and a sense of stability needs to be developed. I cannot imagine an Allardyce, Pulis, Monk and all the others being interested in the long term plans for the club. Their interests are short term and self centred. Wenger and Ferguson were afforded the time to create legacies. I would rather have the past 5 seasons as a Blade than accepting monotonous, boring 'stability'. Thanks CWAK. We go again. Let's continue to enjoy the ride.
  8. Bowshaw farm in Dronfield (admittedly just over the border) used to keep pigs.
  9. There was a superb, very well researched article about this graffiti in the Guardian in 2016. The back story to the 'I love You. Will U Marry Me' is well worth reading about.
  10. Getting players into the box when we are attacking was key in our League 1 and Championship days. Look back on You tube at those games and see the overloads weren't confined to the wings. We had players all over the penalty area. Bogle could turn into the next Kieron Freeman.
  11. Bartlett and Hilts ? Can you provide some more information?
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