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  1. Well at least Mr Chansiri has been reading Sheffield Forum and taken the advice that he should come out and speak to the fans about the current situation
  2. Can you explain that further?
  3. I still cannot understand how every month we hear of companies closing with the loss of thousands of jobs and yet despite never hearing of companies setting up and creating similar number of jobs the unemployment figure is always reported as falling each month.
  4. So let's all be thankful for Corona virus so Wednesday can remain in the Championship. There are times where people should just ask the mods to delete certain posts.
  5. I think the Brentford model is based upon the club studying all the statistics now available on players in order to recruit the correct players for the right positions. It maybe a little more than this. Seems to work.
  6. My word. There really is a lot of hate inside of you towards us.
  7. Sheffield hotels and visitors have all benefited in recent years with the introduction of the brown tourist signs directing visitors to the numerous hotels in the city centre and the suburbs. Once you are on Arundel Gate there is a sign indicating the directions to the Mercure (to be fair it may say St Pauls) and the Cutlers. As far as your comment about the Peace Gardens are concerned on an earlier post. In the 1980's, some 40 years ago we had the Peace Gardens dwarfed by the hideous Egg Box Town Hall extension. In addition to walk through the Peace Gardens in those days meant stepping over empty cider bottles and the like. Now the Peace Gardens are family friendly (which maybe the reason you found them non-peaceful) and a fantastic addition to the city centre which is investing millions to make it better place for us to enjoy. I don't live or work in Sheffield any more but I not only think it's a great place but also has some of the most exciting developments taking place there.
  8. There are Wednesdayites on here and on Football Heaven / Praise & Grumble desperate to know what's going on at your football club. Mr Chansiri if he's a true leader, and let's face it he's not shown any evidence so far, should come out and say something. Even if it's a statement along the lines of - 'I cannot report anything due to legal reasons but I can assure you I will be the first to let you know as soon as we hear something'. He's so quick to talk when he wants money from you all but not when you're wanting something from him.
  9. Well even that would help. But the fact you are using the word 'probably' means the club may not know any more. The club should ask the authorities and then pass on their answer. I cannot believe just how Wednesdayites are willing to be taken as mugs.
  10. Would it help if Mr Chansiri actually spoke to the fans via the public media to inform them what is going on? After all he's very quick to address the fans when he's wanting their hard earned cash.
  11. Are there any artist's impressions of how the new Park Square will look?
  12. Am I correct in thinking you've already appealed. The decision has to be accepted.
  13. I think Stuart Gray would be a great shout. Not sure if he would want to work under your Mr Chansiri. Sacking him was the first mistake (and there were plenty more to come) made by your Thai owner.
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