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  1. In Japan? While Rome burned...... Mr Chansiri is making Jeremy Corbyn's leadership almost appear Churchillian.
  2. Hero is an over used phrase nowadays. But Harry Gregg was a true hero in Munich February 1958 RIP
  3. I thought (maybe rather hastily) that Abbeydale Road could be linked to Chesterfield Road via Abbey Lane at one end and the two roads linked via Wolsley Road at the other end.
  4. Totally agree with you. BUT the one person who wanted to use wealth to attract success was Mr Chansiri.
  5. Gary Monk's being blamed. The players are being blamed. And yet Mr Chansiri who with his irresponsible management of the club has created this toxic culture at the club goes under the radar. Listening to football heaven there are some Wednesdayites who are beginning to see the light.
  6. I doubt you're going to get promotion this season. Write the season off. Draw a line under the P&S saga, have a huge clear out, remove all that D Taxis and D Energy drink stuff around the ground and look forward to the next 2 seasons with a plan to get into the Premier league. It maybe better than having points deducted next season. Brian the Blade takes some stick but if Chansiri was at the Lane Brian would have shown more balls and had a one man protest to get rid of the guy.
  7. Wednesdayites still keep posting that Chansiri was 'ill advised'. Could it be that he was the one who made these decisions rather than an adviser? I do think Wednesdayites let Chansiri off the hook far too easily. Mr Chansiri should accept the charge from the EFL and tell them whatever points are to be deducted then do it now. In Gary Monk you probably have the best manager available to get enough points on the board to avoid relegation. He did it at Birmingham last season. Get rid of all those out of contract players at the end of the season and then set up a 2 year plan that is financially sustainable to get into the Premier league. There maybe those who disagree with this but at least it's a plan which is something that has been missing at Hillsborough for years.
  8. I got to my usual car parking space at 1.10pm and sat in the car listening to the radio until 1.30pm. Walked down Woodhead Road and saw the queue for the South Stand (Shoreham Street entrance side) was outside the hotel!! Wished I'd ignored the radio and gone down earlier. Finally got in at 2.10pm. I knew they wouldn't delay kick off because the priority nowadays is the TV audience rather than the paying spectators. I was outside the hotel when some of the cladding flew off. Great result great performance. There is no limit to what this team can achieve. Dreamland
  9. I think the winter break is spread over a fortnight. Clubs who have this weekend off will play next weekend. Similarly those clubs who are playing this weekend (eg the Blades) will have a weekend free next week.
  10. I think it was 1967 the last time Wednesday averaged over 30,000 attendance in a season.
  11. We are usually reminded by Wednesdayites on Football Heaven on regular occurences. Fans from Sheffield 6 reminiscing about the days of 30,000+ attendances, the Carlos play off final season and of course the winning of trophies. There are those that live in the past and those who build for the future.
  12. Excellent post. Couldn't have put it better myself.
  13. London is completely different. There are literally thousands of tourists visiting everyday. To get a ticket for a Premier league match is similar to getting a ticket for a West End show. To many it has become part of the visitor experience. There will always be a high demand for tickets down there. Places like Sheffield just don't have that throughput of transient customers.
  14. They've all disappeared.
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