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  1. Thanks to both of you for your replies. I've received an email from our accountants today saying that monies will be in our bank account middle of next week. It looks like this refers to the period up to 30/04/20.
  2. I successfully completed the forms for the Bounce Back loan scheme with Nat West on Monday and have been told funds will be in my account on June 9th. I'm having difficulty in getting furlough payments. All staff on furlough. All have been paid on time, weekly. Our accountants who run our payroll are applying for us. They've had the code from HMRC several weeks now. All my emails to them asking when I might expect the payments have been ignored. Things are getting tighter and tighter. Case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  3. By the use of the word 'luck' I presume you mean 'good luck'. I've been going to the Lane since the early 1960's and cannot remember a time when we've had any 'good luck' so I'm not sure what you mean by stating we've 'got (our) luck back. As always an honest assessment of the situation.
  4. Thanks for that Runningman. I was recently up at Quarry Bank Gardens on Ecclesall Road South and read all about James Neill. It prompted a distant memory of James Neill on that sports ground way back. We always referred to it as Hallamshire pitch but we probably didn't know the reason why. I remember going across from the Lowedges estate to watch matches (could have been Thursday evenings). We were all football mad and at half time there was a 10 minute opportunity for us to get on the pitch and play with real goal posts and NETS. This was better than 'jumpers for goal posts' that we were used to.
  5. I realise this is an old thread but did James Neill / Hallamshire use the football pitch on Chesterfield Road South (where the Hilton Hotel is now) in the late 1960's? Thanks
  6. Good luck for 2021. I am sure it will be back better than ever.
  7. I was fortunate to be at that game in 2017 and thought we (Blades) were superb. Watching it back yesterday made me realise just how much better we are now (even though we are competing against world class players in the Premier league). We've improved all over the pitch. In addition from what I've seen and heard Wednesday are far worse now than they were in September 2017. If the gap was huge 3 years ago then goodness know what word could be used to describe the gap now. Massive??
  8. I am waiting for another council (where I have a business) to issue some instructions on what to do. If anyone contacts the above number could they kindly post on here the instructions / information Sheffield City Council are offering with regard the release of grants. Many thanks.
  9. Well at least Mr Chansiri has been reading Sheffield Forum and taken the advice that he should come out and speak to the fans about the current situation
  10. Can you explain that further?
  11. I still cannot understand how every month we hear of companies closing with the loss of thousands of jobs and yet despite never hearing of companies setting up and creating similar number of jobs the unemployment figure is always reported as falling each month.
  12. So let's all be thankful for Corona virus so Wednesday can remain in the Championship. There are times where people should just ask the mods to delete certain posts.
  13. I think the Brentford model is based upon the club studying all the statistics now available on players in order to recruit the correct players for the right positions. It maybe a little more than this. Seems to work.
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