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  1. Rather reversal of roles. Bournemouth have had about 5 years (could be more) on us to establish themselves in the Premier league. A draw was a very good result in particular in the circumstances the equaliser came. The game against Wednesday was exactly the same. Wednesday had 5 years on the Blades to establish themselves as a serious Championship side (and that continues). It should have been the Blades who went into that game as the underdogs.
  2. I think it's fair to say we are taking our promotion to the Premier league seriously. Well done to the management and board.
  3. Nobby Stiles may well have not been England's number 4 in 1966 if Duncan Edwards had survived the Munich air disaster or Tony Kay hadn't received a life ban. Same applies to Jack Charlton and Peter Swan.
  4. So Norwich are doing exactly the same as the Blades. Getting all their new players for nothing.
  5. 4-1 win away at Barnsley from a team that didn't cost a penny. Pretty impressive.
  6. I must be suffering from deja-vu. 'it's going to be a long season for dem Blades....' This is exactly what Wednesdayites said when we came up from league 1. We are quietly confident due to having the best manager in the country in charge .
  7. Chelsea have looked at the Blades model and are of the belief that if they can have their fans singing 'He's one of our own...' then it will bring similar success. Other clubs are expected to follow. Once again the Blades take the lead.
  8. Manchester gets far too much (undeserved) coverage. It's the darling of the media
  9. As an identity the 'best' bit of publicity Sheffield had in recent times was over the tree protests. Newspapers, TV and radio often described us as 'the greenest city in Europe'. Under the circumstances I suppose the council were keen to play down the story
  10. I always thought the system worked well. Major roads into Sheffield - Abbeydale Road, Chesterfield Road (through Woodseats), Ecclesall Road don't allow for a dual carriage way system. The Queens Road system seemed an effective alternative.
  11. Last season the Blades averaged over 26,000 for their home matches. Taking into account the away allocation there's not really many seats available for the 'droves' of 'closet fans' to 'flock to the stadium'.
  12. Last week I thought the filming had moved to Ireland and then noticed a road sign 'Tom Lane' and began to question if in fact they were still in Sheffield. Endcliffe Park cafe confirmed they still were.
  13. Could be the Broadway pub Bordesley Green Birmingham
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