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  1. There was a moment in the second half when Fleck was through. Opportunity of a hat trick or a simple sideway pass to McGoldrick to break his duck. He ended up doing neither. But what a second half performance. When we have a centre back in the opponents half on the right wing doing a Messi style back heel to start the move for a goal then it just seems unreal. I hope MOTD does it justice tonight.
  2. Scotland is a total waste of space. I think they should give a referendum to those in England - 'Do we want Scotland to be part of the Union?' I'm pretty sure that most would be pleased if they just went off and did their own thing. I'm sick and tired of listening to them moaning about independence. Rebuild Hadrian's Wall at the same time.
  3. It's a long long time since I lived on Lowedges but I would never have seen Edmund Close as part of the estate.
  4. I have been through all the 1971/72 programmes and although the Blades Bingo is well publicised there are no winners listed. I have also been through the previous season's programmes (1970/71) and all winners are listed in there. Seems to be a change in policy by the club for that 1971/72 season.
  5. I'm pretty sure I have all the home programmes for that season. To help in the search could you narrow it down to a particular month?
  6. 'Arr Much??!' - the Sheffield war cry. I remember being in a pub in Uxbridge before the FA Cup semi final against Hull. A Blades fan in front of me ordered a round of drinks. When the barmaid gave him the price the response was 'Arr Much? You could buy a small terrace up north for that.'
  7. The £9,000 per week was reported in one of the dailies either last week or the week before. Lowest, apparently in the Premier league.
  8. Apologies for bringing the Blades into this. I believe the players are on an average £9,000 per week, the lowest in the Premier league, but there's a £10 million pot to be shared if we stay in the Premier league. Divided by just over 20 players that's approaching doubling their weekly wage. As staninoodle says there needs to be a bonus (incentive) to motivate these guys.
  9. Brilliant result. There have been many times over the past 3 years I have questioned whether this 'journey' can continue. At half time today following the disappointment of Thursday I once again asked the questions. But I should have known better. What a team, manager and backroom staff we have. Plus thanks to all the travelling Blades who represented us this afternoon.
  10. I can't make tomorrow's event due to work commitments. What will happen to the exhibition photos etc.? I hope they'll be made available to look at for those who can't make tomorrow. Hope it goes well.
  11. How can you expect Blades fans to post on here when the natch is in progress when we are at the match? Or is the new football fan of the 21st century someone who is a fan of a club but doesn't actually support them.
  12. Thanks for that attachment. As you say it makes interesting reading. Must admit I thought it may well have been a document that 'went over my head' but it was clear, concise and written in layman's terms. Interesting that there seems to be a formula between the level of financial losses over the 3 years and the points deduction.
  13. Not sure whether it's relevant to your argument but Graham Mackrell faced manslaughter charges (?) in Preston even though he wasn't still at the club. Although having said that 'the club' no longer existed as it was wound up in 1990 and re-formed. I suppose that's opening another can of worms.
  14. I thought Mr Chansiri was struggling to find auditors to sign off the accounts in the format he wanted them. Hence one of the reasons the accounts were late in being submitted
  15. Thanks for adding some more 'meat' to my point Grapps. I listen to P&G but never contribute but tonight I've been screaming at the radio as the presenter (Mike?) never brought up this argument and allowed the Wednesdayites to continue their love-in with Mr Chansiri.
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