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  1. abbeyedges

    Queens Rd Traffic Scheme

    I always thought the system worked well. Major roads into Sheffield - Abbeydale Road, Chesterfield Road (through Woodseats), Ecclesall Road don't allow for a dual carriage way system. The Queens Road system seemed an effective alternative.
  2. abbeyedges

    Wilder to leave?

    Last season the Blades averaged over 26,000 for their home matches. Taking into account the away allocation there's not really many seats available for the 'droves' of 'closet fans' to 'flock to the stadium'.
  3. abbeyedges

    The Virtues Channel 4

    Last week I thought the filming had moved to Ireland and then noticed a road sign 'Tom Lane' and began to question if in fact they were still in Sheffield. Endcliffe Park cafe confirmed they still were.
  4. abbeyedges

    Big Sheffield pubs

    Could be the Broadway pub Bordesley Green Birmingham
  5. abbeyedges

    Wilder to leave?

    This is the news all Wednesdayites have been praying for
  6. abbeyedges

    Big Sheffield pubs

    Yew Tree at Coal Aston / Dronfield I think plus there may be on up Manor Top. Big Tree on Woodseats - not sure if it's the actual original tree. Might be like Trigger's broom
  7. abbeyedges

    Big Sheffield pubs

    Sherwood up Intake. One further down that way, can't remember the name but is a Charlie Chalk type establishment
  8. There are fans of some clubs (those in particular that have been languishing in the Championship for far too long) that want to do away with FFP and allow their chairmen to spend as they wish. The very same fans are equally against clubs being relegated from the Premier league and receiving parachute payments. Not asking for much are they?
  9. Love the thought that all the trees in the city arrived post Industrial days. I'm sure all our parks and green spaces with their trees, Ecclesall woods, Chantrey woods, Hutcliffe woods and the rest were there before the 1980's.
  10. abbeyedges

    The Virtues Channel 4

    It seems to me that Shane Meadows runs some scenes where there is no script. Instead he tells the actors to speak, converse spontaneously. There was a number like this in This is England. One where they were having Sunday lunch (In a house near Lowedges park) and they were all talking at the same time. I thought there's no way they are following a script. To add to the authenticity the curtains fell down. It added to a brilliant scene The pub scene in The Virtues seemed the same.
  11. abbeyedges

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    There is another way. Appoint a first class manager (and I mean first class), adopt a recruitment policy that attracts hungry, ambitious players and is financially sustainable, create a brave playing style that doesn't mean 'parking the bus'. Put all these together and you have a chance of getting promotion. Not easy and I know there are Wednesdayites who want to take the easy, lazy option but it is so fulfilling when it all comes together. First of all you need to find a first class manager. First class post
  12. abbeyedges

    The Virtues Channel 4

    Shane Meadow's film company 'Warp Films' are located in the Work station so it figures he'll use Sheffield as a location Prisoners Wives (couple of years ago) used the same flats.
  13. abbeyedges

    The price of football tickets

    I suppose he's reading the Wednesday forum for the same reason Wednesdayites maybe reading the developments in the McCabe v Prince court case. Just saying like
  14. abbeyedges

    The price of football tickets

    Ticket prices are even more competitive now its been confirmed that we'll be watching a team managed by the best manager in the country as Chris Wilder has been voted above Pep and Klopp as the LMA Manager of the Year. i think it's fair to say everyone who posts on here will agree he's done Sheffield proud.
  15. abbeyedges

    The price of football tickets

    'Straws clutching at' springs to mind.

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