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  1. The idea will appeal to the many modern Wednesdayites who feel they are more 'massive' than the City of Sheffield.
  2. Lowedges was the biggest and best playground we could have had as kids in the 1960's.
  3. I'm not sure of the operating losses / profits for the past 3 years but surely the sale of the ground will have kicked in and show less than £39 million for the past 3 seasons.
  4. They are looking to appeal because the 12 point penalty should have been deducted in 2019/20 season. Wednesday would have finished bottom and Charlton would have stayed up.
  5. It would be refreshing to see Wednesdayites coming on here and start showing some embarrassment regarding Mr Chansiri's incompetent actions. All we hear is how badly he's been advised. If he hasn't embarrassed his own club he certainly has embarrassed the city of Sheffield. Thank goodness those at S2 have at least re-dressed the balance.
  6. Sheffield Gentlemen's Club was on George Street. Became 32 bedroom Pace Hotel in 1985 and is now Best Western Cutlers Hotel. The Sheffield Gentlemen's Club moved to the Cutlers in 1985. Not sure if they still are in existence.
  7. I think you'll find the best manager is across at S2.
  8. Atkinson's deserve support from the Council as they have kept the Moor going for decades. I hope at the very least they are benefiting from the improvements in that area.
  9. I think the pubco's need to re-visit and change their business model. There could be many, many unemployed in the hospitality industry and I wonder if pubco's should think about splitting their establishments and have a 'tenant' for the bar /drinks and another 'tenant' in the kitchen/ food area. To run a pub / drinks is sometimes more than a full time job but at present they are also responsible for the staffing of the kitchen area. Encourage an entrepreneurial chef to take on that area and it will do well if he/she has a financial interest in the business and its success.
  10. Thanks to both of you for your replies. I've received an email from our accountants today saying that monies will be in our bank account middle of next week. It looks like this refers to the period up to 30/04/20.
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