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  1. I realise that this is not relevant to his time at the White Swan but my mother remembers Edwin Brocklehurst growing up on Summerfield Street. She remembers him being in the sea cadets.
  2. The White Swan was a Whitbread pub. In the 1960's / 1970's their main beers were Whitbread Trophy and Whitbread Tankard. About this time Whitbread ran a TV advertising campaign and used the White Swan for the film location. They may have used actors but if your relation was tennant at the time he may have made an appearance.
  3. If this carries on I can see Chansiri playing up front next season
  4. The solid red and white stripe with a pin black line reminds me too much of the 1975/76 kit. A season that went disastrously wrong. I can still picture Chris Guthrie in that kit...... where's my medication?
  5. It was his slide tackles (an art that has almost been wiped out now) that I remember the most. He would slide win the ball but rather than putting the ball into touch emerge from the tackle with the ball at his feet. Then more often than not put a pass through for Woody. Great days.... RIP Len.
  6. Dooley would make sure 'early doors' he gave the goalie some stick. It put the keeper on edge for the rest of the match always keeping an eye open for Dooley whenever the ball came near him. Early mind games.
  7. I never realised it was in the 'Fishing Section'. Apologies if I've offended any anglers
  8. I think the 'Bouncing' was massacred that day. Sad to think of being a Blade for over 55 years and the level of success we have enjoyed (or not), that day was one of my best.
  9. Not sure about the waterfall bit bassett but we used to go down Beauchief Drive from Lowedges late at night to the lake on the Beauchief golf course. Near the Abbey. I think you could fish (maybe illegally) down there. We used to put the fear up ourselves about the ghost in Beauchief Hall - could have been a white lady ghost (can you say that these days?) We also used to look out for a member of Pan's People from Top of the Pops who we believed lived in one of the big houses down Beauchief Drive.
  10. Not sure about the war years but there was certainly a 1951 result of Blades 7 Owls 3.
  11. Hunt was traumatised after the September 24th 2017 Bouncing Day Massacre game. He said he'll return as long as he doesn't have to face David Brooks at Hillsborough again. Wednesday's relegation has opened the door.
  12. Is Westwood one of the highest earners? If so it'll be difficult for you to keep him.
  13. We went to 'Lost and Found' on Monday. They have covered areas. Weather was awful. I had real sympathy for the staff. Outdoor hospitality may cut down the Covid death rate but they'll be those now suffering from pneumonia!!
  14. This issue about 'football hooligans' is blown totally out of proportion. It's an old fashioned, lazy argument. I've been a season ticket holder at the Lane for years and in the past 20 years (or probably following Hillsborough) I have witnessed hardly any football violence. There is probably more violence committed domestically than there is at our football grounds. That domestic violence could well be fueled by cheap booze at suprermarkets. These supermarkets go well under the radar because nearly everyone takes advantage of their cheap price policy. It's dead easy to blame the publican and his / her pub.
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