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  1. I cannot inderstand this acceptance of alcohol being allowed at the place of work. We all work in different industries and it would never cross our minds to be drinking alcohol whilst in the building of our employment. Even Kier Starmer has had photo taken of him consuming beer whilst at work. We have a very strange and unusual relationship with alcohol in this country.
  2. In contrast, from the Royal and walking down Abbeydale Road it was a long stretch before you reach the Broadfield.
  3. It seems the top 4 concerns are all based around car traffic. The planners need to put something in place regarding traffic that will ease the concerns of the 40% who seem to be against the idea. A really radical solution needs to be planned. I'm afraid the St James Retail Park traffic management doesn't bode well. It's disappointing to see such a high % who have voted against the proposal.
  4. I long for the days when the top of Meadowhead roundabout was known as 'four lane ends' controlled by traffic lights or a police officer directing traffic. Brocklehurst's garage was a major landmark. Lowedges was still being built. Batemoor and Jordanthorpe were open fields. No Dronfield by-pass and the the road to the Nags Head, (a traditional pub and not a branded Toby) was single carriageway. I think I'm turning into an old fart.
  5. There is a great deal of disilluisionment on here about politics and our politicians. I would encourage everyone at the next General Election to spoil their voting paper so as to send a message out there that the system in this country needs drastic surgery. At present voting for one party or another doesn't work. This has been proved over and over again. Next time do something different and exert your authority.
  6. '.....United can never compare in the history and achievements that Wednesday have'. Please enlighten Sheffield Forum about the 'achievements' that the Blades cannot be compared with.
  7. I got one several years ago parking outside the rear of BHF. Picked up a bargain bedside table. The fine doubled the price. Gutted.
  8. There are far too many people more concerned about a personality of an individual rather than their characteristics. I personally don't give a damn about whether she smiles or scowls. As something as important as climate change I want to hear their serious arguments and points of view. We complain about personality politics and then are guilty of supporting it with our opinions on people. So many warmed to Tony Blair - he appeared a nice person and smiled a lot. That didn't turn out quite so good did it?
  9. Chris Wilder was burnt out and totally exhausted. This is not in hindsight as I said it at the time but he should have taken the rest of the season off and recharged his batteries ready for the Championship. I realise in the macho world of football that may not be seen as the right thing but both parties (Wilder and the board) should have come to an arrangement that would have benefited everyone. Having said that I am 100% behind Slav. I'm sure he'll get the right players in and turn things around. I am sure he must realise that some of the current players are not capable of playing the new system effectively in order for us to be promotion contenders.
  10. The sending off was a turning point. Added to this, at exactly the same time Bogle goes off injured. I think the world of Basham but to be fair he didn't look comfortable playing right back in a defensive four.
  11. I think he means 'he who is without sin cast the first stone'. (Bit insensitive to talk of stoning people. Apologies).
  12. It will get past Birmingham. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if they by pass Brum in order to make sure it reaches the government's 'pet' city - Manchester. They will move heaven and earth to make sure the line reaches Manchester. To many in governement the Northern Powerhouse is actually seeing Manchester getting all the investment.
  13. I know of a space that you may be interested in. It's about 20 miles from Sheffield.
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