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  1. S10 part of Broomhall is really popular with PHD Students, Professionals and has a good mix of families living there. I have lived here for over 20 years and never had any issues. You will see people write things on here that happened donkey years ago and try to describe the area in the same light. The area was fully regenerated after the Hanover dual carriageway was opened. Also Havelock Square no longer exists as a number of roads were made one way, with a number of street names changing. The area has a really good community spirit, with the Broomhall Centre in the heart of the community. There is a community garden area on the corner of Havelock Street/Holberry Gardens, which was reformed via a community project and you will find more examples like that throughout the area. There are volunteers as part of the HERB group, who meet every Friday morning to keep the garden area maintained.
  2. It's been commissioned by a number of organisations, including both universities to celebrate 'Year of Making Sheffield 2016'. It’s been done by Rob Lee and the SHF stands for Sheffield, like on the railway tickets. http://www.rob--lee.co.uk/
  3. Try Gary from Aqua Drains or David from Richmond Drains. Both in the yellow pages.
  4. There is a guy called Bob Street that did some calcs for me for the rsj when we knocked through to make our Kitchen and Dining room to open plan. I will see if I can find his number. He charged £80 and was recommended by Crown Building Services.
  5. Information about a sensitive subject in the same envelope addressed to someone else is not a clever move to save on postage. I do agree with your second point. ---------- Post added 21-01-2014 at 16:51 ---------- The Council will drag the matter, because at the moment they are finding it difficult to process anything fast other than reducing staff and cutting back on public services.
  6. Make a formal compliant to John Mothersole at Sheffield City Council and maybe worth getting your local Councillor involved too. There are procedures in place for data disclosure and data protection in every organisation in the UK and someone who was dealing with the blue badge application has slipped out in complying.
  7. Thank you for the replys. I have managed to get some for £105 per Cubic Meter.
  8. That place is awful for customer services. I ordered my sofa in November and was promised a pre xmas delivery. My sofa arrived and one item is wrong, when I challenged this the delivery driver made a note on his handheld and said that I need to contact the store. The silly woman on the customer services first argued and said that I have received the right sofa and that I had signed for it when the order was placed. I went back to the sales person who I dealt with and he confirmed it was the wrong item. She finally gave in and phoned the manufacturers. A few day later, she phoned me for the batch number and i looked on the tag and it only had a date printed where the batch number should be. The cow would not believe me, so I took a picture on my phone and went to see her in the store again and she said she will contact the manufacterers with information. I was so annoyed that I wrote a letter to head office and posted it on the 28th of December. It is the 15th of Jan today and i still haven't received a reply or the correct sofa.
  9. Just got a quote online for £290 with extra fibre mixed in.
  10. Texture coatings, cement panels, gaskets, tiles were the last items to be banned in 1999. All high risk items such as insulation, high fibrous items were banned in the 80's..[ B][/b]
  11. All forms of asbestos were banned in 1999, but as a safety measure, the hse say that testing should be carried out in building built up to 2004. I have come across asbestos materials in buildings built after 2000 and this was down to builders continuing to use left over materials after the ban and customer not being aware.
  12. Last time i used him, it cost £130 and that included 3 samples taken and a full report with lab results, picture, type of material and risk category.
  13. I'm after 2 cubic meters of ready-mix concrete for my basement floor. Does anyone know cost these days and recommend any companies?
  14. Try ringing Mick Murphy from Lancall Yorkshire on Ecclesall Road. He will be able to sample it and check if it contains any asbestos materials. http://www.lancallyorkshire.co.uk/
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