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  1. I had a baby in a pushchair, although why I'm explaining my actions to a troll I don't know.
  2. Any driver who aggressively honks their car horn isn't going to ever think the other person is right. Annoying as it is, if you want to be safe, always wait until there is a clear space to cross the road. I was once nearly run over on a pedestrian crossing which moved from green to amber whilst I was crossing and the car driver yelled at me! I actually took his number and reported him to the police but they said unless he actually knocked me over, there wasn't anything they could do.
  3. It's always been a rule that you should tender the correct change. If every person offers a tenner for a £2 fare or whatever, the knock on effect is the bus is late (and then folks complain about that). Bus drivers only have a limited amount of change so if they run out, I would think this is a fair way. Would you rather he didn't allow her on the bus? London transport now don't accept cash on buses, you have to either buy a ticket before you get on, or use an oyster card. Maybe that's the way forward for Sheffield.
  4. Thanks for the advice Justin, the lanes were busy. What I meant was the lad was not looking where he was going and if he wanted to go that fast, he should have been in a lane. Like it or not, it's a public pool and we all have to share with kids, old folk, poor swimmers and the ones who want to chat holding on to the side for half an hour. ;-)
  5. Sorry, I didn't watch it all, just the last half hour and I didn't remember Bradley's name being mentioned. He does seem to have dropped off the radar a bit doesn't he?
  6. I'm a very slow breast stroke swimmer so never even go in the lanes, just do my best to swim up and down in the remaining area. I have actually been hit by a fast crawl swimmer in the general pool area who was trying to break the world record of swimming without watching out for any other swimmers. It flipping hurt.
  7. Excellent race, I really enjoyed it. Well done to Adam Blythe.
  8. So basically you're saying if anyone reacts to road rage by indicating the other was a bit silly, they deserve all they get?
  9. I would say £140 isn't a bad price. We pay £100 for just the two of us and that's mates rates.
  10. Good for you! I once pipped a driver for blocking the road (50 year old woman on her own, yes I know I was stupid). He came up to me and threatened to smash my f...ing head in on the dashboard. I was petrified and reversed up the road. I have three strapping sons at home but somehow think he would have been a bit less threatening if they had been in the car with me.
  11. A friend of mine was arrested and charged with drink driving. (No accident, just being an idiot). He got a 20 month ban reduced to 15 if he did 120 hours community service and a fine. That man will never again get behind a wheel if he has a drink and he realises how lucky he was not to have had an accident and killed some poor innocent victim, or even himself. It devastated everyone in his family so I can't even begin to imagine how Mr Codling's family feel and also as others have said, the family of Emma Egan.
  12. Didn't they do a detailed inspection of your car before taking it in to their workshop? If they notice the SLIGHTEST scratch or mark, they will mark it on a diagram and ask you to sign it. At least that's what has happened every time we've taken a car in for repairs. If they haven't done that, can't your insurance company help out? I know when we've had work done and it's taken longer than expected they have taken the courtesy car back (as it's been booked in for someone else) but given us another in place of it.
  13. Very sorry to hear this. Your friend will need all the support I am sure you will be able to give her.
  14. Or most supermarkets have recycle bins for clothing (as well as the usual paper, glass etc.).
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