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  1. Yes, I have. I use to be a Teaching Assistant - for over 8 - Key stage 1 and 2. Can not remember or recall any visit to any library - as all of the schools had one within the school. When was the last time you got a book from a library?
  2. Close libraries, sell of the land and and use money for old folks. Printed media is dead,unlike our old folk, well not yet! ---------- Post added 26-02-2014 at 15:14 ---------- Plus why have a referendum which will costs over 100k - that's ridiculous - a waste - but expect nothing less from councilors - so watch out council tax payers yet more money to be wasted on councilors egos!
  3. But getting involved will be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lets all go to Tesco at 8.45 pm Thursday and grab us a bargain, and if we experience aggressive, rude or pushing or shoving we can collectively make a complaint to the manager. Power to the people!!!!!!!!!
  5. Looking forward to my next visit at Tesco!
  6. ..... homes....... jobs......errrr benefits and now doughnuts..........enough! Learn to queue, wait and be patient and say thank-you .... not much to ask.... ďakujem & lahko noč noapte buna & mulțumesc dobranoc & dziękuję blagodarya & лека нощ
  7. Snooker loopy, nuts are we, Me and him and them and me, We’ll show them what we can do with a load of balls and a snooker cue.
  8. Well I'm off to Tesco at 8:45pm, and be first in the cue.
  9. Can see smoke from city centre, any one know whats on fire?
  10. IC3 male, begging on Fargate aggressive, followed me to cash point, dark jacket woolly hat with ears, be careful!
  11. No just said a b/m approached me begging and followed me to the cash point
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