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  1. terrible bar service and customer service
  2. You should easily get somewhere to rent in Hillsborough which is a reasonable area, very close to Middlewood - a few mins by car or tram or walkable easily within half an hour. Also easy to access the town centre, Meadowhall shopping centre etc Regarding leisure - whatever your interests or hobbies are, you will be able to find them in Sheffield. You will soon make friends here - we are generally a friendly bunch - look forward to you joining us !
  3. or that duck isn't used in Sheffield ?
  4. Unfortunately can't make this - can you tell me dates for the forthcoming ghost walks please ?
  5. a few more details - age, description, partner ?
  6. Unfortunately much too short notice - please advertise such events well in advance, would have liked to have gone and take the kids
  7. Is this open for children ? 11 plus
  8. I'm a resident and I agree that the parking hasn't been as stringent as last year and has been worse generally than match days but personally have not had any problems. The atmosphere has been brilliant - so much fun and family friendly. There seems to be much less negativity than last year from some residents.
  9. It's enforceable but if they don't pay you still don't get anything and that doesn't help and that is assuming you can raise the money to raise the issue with the court. You get costs when you win but if they don't pay up for the costs or compensation awarded you are still very much out of pocket.
  10. I've often had it from the pump for free but depends where you are. I've also had it where I have been charged or had lime and soda but just been charged for the dash of lime.
  11. No but stealing goods is and this was proven. Still didn't pay what was ordered by the courts, served 2 weeks in jail because he didn't pay, debt cleared for him, no compensation for stolen goods to the injured party not to mention loss of income through not having the stolen items returned (needed for job) and 4 kids holiday being cancelled because parents couldn't pay the balance through lack of work. Had to take a loan to replace the stolen items causing more financial hardship.
  12. In one of my cases, the person was imprisoned for 2 weeks for non payment of what the court ordered. Because he served his time, the debt was wiped - fat lot of good that left me when I didn't get the money he owed. And they say crime doesn't pay ?
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