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  1. Enough's enough's now Bassett !!!!! Please stop predicting !!!!
  2. Go round Hillsborough park and we'll get better players and Basset - unless you're gonna forecast a defeat please don't predict !!!
  3. I know that - just found it incredible that anyone would buy a property and not get any keys.
  4. Surely you would have made sure you had keys when you completed the purchase ? You would have got a copy off the original owner/landlord. Unless the tenant has changed locks since ?
  5. Maybe a good idea to remind cyclists that red traffic lights also apply to them as well as motorists.
  6. The drivers are the ones permitting them on to the bus ! and yes, I would be asking the passenger also.
  7. I know there are medical reasons. What I was saying was that the person who wanted me to help them obtain an exemption did not have a medical reason. Having said that, I have COPD but still manage to wear a mask for the journeys.
  8. I can assure you that they are not Yes I accept your point although pedantic . Any face covering. Drivers are NOT challenging and have been told not to even ask passengers if they have one, Well pointed out. I have been asked by someone to help them do this although there is no medical reason to not wear one. Obviously I refused to help. No they are not even asking people if they have one !
  9. I repeat - MANDATORY. Bus companies/drivers look up the meaning. It does not mean suggested or advised or if you can be bothered or if you feel like it, it means MANDATORY. If i am on a bus and someone gets on without a mask I will be asking for an explanation from the driver. i can see many arguments ensuing let alone virus being transmitted.
  10. and drivers letting people on without face coverings - don't seem to understand the meaning of MANDATORY.
  11. I saw 2 chicks around 7.20 this morning. were there just the 2 eggs or 3 ?
  12. Perhaps the person will put a good dollop on themselves then light a fag up ……..
  13. it had gone when I came passed earlier today
  14. I am sure craigmason meant that the people doing this act were scruffy Blades fans not that every Blades fan is. As an Owls fan, I certainly believe they are and have many Blades friends who are disgusted by this. No club would want supporters like this.
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