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  1. there are quite a few flats and shops around , we had a lot of issues people dumping rubbish at the corner next to our building as most of the flats near the area keep there bins there , we try our best to get it cleared and have spoken to council about it as well , they have put a notice there as well which hopefully will help , regardless of that we will do our best to keep it clear. thanks, urban choola ---------- Post added 03-09-2013 at 14:06 ---------- Please accept my apologies for the bad experience you had , we work very hard to ensure we give our customers excellent service & quality food, i can assure you that we will look into your feedback and do our best to improve on it. we focus on authentic Indian food , all our dishes are made in there own curries and have there own flavors and level of spice , If you prefer your curry to be hotter or more spicy , please let us know and we will do it accordingly. thanks, urban choola
  2. We will be starting Home delivery service from this Sunday 28th july , our takeout /home delivery menu is available on http://www.urbanchoola.co.uk. Please call us on 01142508880 to place your order. Thanks, Urban Choola
  3. Sorry for the delay , we are hoping to open within 2 weeks , some delays from building work side but we are back on track now , i will post the menu on the website & forum next week . thanks, Urban Choola
  4. yes we will be open for from 12 till 1030 pm . thanks , urban choola
  5. We will do our best & i am sure you won't be disappointed , we have already started menu trials , we are hoping to open in 3rd week of February . Thanks, urban Choola
  6. yes our address is 272 London road (what use to be Amigos Mexican kitchen , Amigos has moved down the road to a bigger premises). we are in final stages of finalizing the menu i will upload it here as soon as it is done . thanks, urban Choola
  7. Hello everyone , just wanted to introduce ourselves , we are opening a new Indian Restaurant Urban choola on London Road , we are hoping to open in February . We believe tastiest ,fun & healthiest food in India is from its streets , so our menu will feature street favourites from different regions of India, something you hardly see in menus here , also there is nothing more delicious & comforting than traditional home cooked meals, Urban Choola's menu will also feature some of our home favourites. I will keep you guys updated with our progress .In the meantime any suggestions , feedbacks will be highly appreciated. Urban Choola.
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