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    Ask the Next Question (part 17)

    Sorry to interfere here Linda and others , but can't reach you otherwise. Have a look at the Warneford thread with an answer on your question concerning the due commemorations. You can contact me directly at jjj dot vanbeselaere at gmail dot com if you like. Johan Vanbeselaere Poelcapelle 1917 Assocation vzw Belgium
  2. Vanbeselaere

    Zeppelin Raids, especially Rex Warneford.

    Hey Linda, hope you will see this. I was not able to answer privately your question as you need to have posted first 5 not private items. And I lost also my password to enter this forum. Finally sorted out to try to reach you. There are two commemorations concerning Warneford where our plane is involved : at Highworth: have a look at http:// highworthremembers.co.uk/ and omit the spaces before you copy it as i was not allowed to enter url's and in Belgium where Rex downed the Zeppelin. The major commemoration over there is on June 7th, have a look at : https:// sites.google.com/site/luchtschipontploftbovengent/ same here do omit the spaces you can contact me directly at jjj.vanbeselaere at gmail dot com if you like, so I'm sure you have read this. Johan Vanbeselaere Poelcapelle 1917 Assocition vzw Belgium
  3. Vanbeselaere

    Zeppelin Raids, especially Rex Warneford.

    thanks for any help.Looking for "close" relatives, but other related Warnefords are also welcome of course. You can contact me on my e-mailaddress if you want to. Do not know if you can reach it here. I can not reach yours. Greetings Johan Vanbeselaere
  4. Vanbeselaere

    Zeppelin Raids, especially Rex Warneford.

    Hi, just found this thread looking for family members of Rex Warneford. We are up to organizing something in 2015 in Gent,Belgium,where the Zeppelin felt, destroyed by Rex. We would love to invite Warnefords as close as possible to Rex. Seems Denlin is family and a cousin of her did some research. Could you please contact me if you want to ? Greetings Johan Vanbeselaere Belgium

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