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  1. Hi could any one reccomend someone to clear out the guttering on an end terrace at sheffield 6 please
  2. thankyou had quite a lot of replys so will have alook and decide cheers for you help xx
  3. Hi could any one give me any reccomendations to hire a DJ - disco for a bithday party in Sheffield .. not to bothered about karaoke ta
  4. heard from other people there were 2 seperate bangs ... the one we heard was about 4ish
  5. seems to be that side of town , also town centre:
  6. did any one else hear a really loud bang early hours of this morning ????
  7. thanks .. Huxley i was lookingk for a cart complete with sweets , just like the one Tonk has found , i have sent them an enquiry ,thanks guys
  8. i think people tend to do that as there are not enough poo bins, i know where i live people do throw it in the bushes as ive seen them , to be fair rather in the bushes in a bag than on my shoe
  9. this made me smile , cant be seriouse all the time can we
  10. Police ambulances helicopter normanton hill closed ,,, what's going off ??
  11. I think it's a good course , refreshed a lot of things I had forgotten to be fair , mostly women on the course which surprised me , the tutor was ok rather that than 3 points , he also said insurance companies are not suppose to Ask if you have attended a course but in my experience they do , probably to load your policy
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