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  1. Hi, I don’t know if I am posting this in the right section but I am just needing a general idea of cost. I have a space in my garden measuring 10ft w x 14ft l, I am wanting to make it look nicer and I am wondering which would be cheapest option would be decking or paving?
  2. Probably on the wrong section but I was wondering if anyone can recommend a fencing company who are cheap and decent? I am moving to a new house soon and the entire fencing needs replacing pretty quick so my dog can have a garden to run around in.
  3. Hi, I am looking to move and I am looking for information on three areas I know all areas have a reputation and some are quite accurate but some aren't the three I am looking at possibly bidding for are Donovan Road at Southey Chaucer Road on Parson Cross & Musgrave Place at Shirecliffe. I know they are in areas with bad reputation but these are a pick of possibly a bad bunch and I am not in a position to be too picky but I would like to know people's thoughts. Thanks
  4. Hi I am hoping someone may be able to give me some some help. I am looking for a dog groomer I am based up at s5. A mobile one would be better and also one that doesn't charge the earth. If anyone can help that would be brilliant. Thanks.
  5. Annb311 we live in s5 and last year my daughters slide got stole nothing was seen and I had 3 garden lights stole they were only a quid each from wilkos
  6. Does any one know of any places to play snooker near s5?
  7. I was wondering where is the best place in Sheffield to get tropical fish I usually go to elm lane but I am wanting to find somewhere with a bigger selection.
  8. Where is the cheapest place I can get my cat neutered? I've heard they do it at pets at home but not sure on the cost.
  9. Does any one know of any places which sell fencing at a reasonable price and will fit it. Because I am in a housing association property I have to attach the fence panels to the existing fence.
  10. Hi I was wondering if anyone know of any places that did garden screening such as bamboo or reed cheap fancy making my garden abit more private. I've had a look at wilko's for a6ft one I'd be paying about £30.
  11. Not really as I work full time and have a disabled child
  12. I was wondering if anyone have had any dealing with the family fund and how long it usually takes for them to get in touch.
  13. I am hoping someone might be able to help I am needing some aggregate to put in my garden to make it look neat I am just wondering if anyone know where I could get a decent amount at a low cost
  14. Hi I was wondering where is the cheapest place to get a cat neutered/spayed I have 5 cats and I am wondering so it doesnt cost me the earth I know I can get the vouchers from cat
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