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  1. Hi mate, I've been an expat since 1968.Originaly from Edgeton st, just off the Moore but grew up in Beighton I left Sheffield to join the RAF and spent the next 12yrs traveling the world, Germany, middle East, Far East even a 2mth stint in Aussie. Spent the next 15yrs doing continental truck driving before moving into the office. I'm now retired and living on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. occasionally get nostalgic for the old city but on the odd occasion when I go back, these days mainly for funerals. I soon change my mind and thank goodness for living out in the contry where you can breath air without the taste of diesel. If you take the plunge and move out of the city I don't think you'll regret it.
  2. It's over 25 years since I was last in the city center of Sheffield but I do have fond memories of a small cafe called the Side Walk. It was on Chapel Walk. Spent many a happy hour in there, it was the regular hang out for local bands and musicions one I remember well was Joe Cocker. The cafe opened in about 1962 but when or even if it closed I don't know
  3. Hi Plane Talker. I remember Alan Kilby from the 60's. Alan worked with me as a doorman (bouncer) I can't remember exactly where, I worked at quite a few places at that time as a doorman but I think it might have been the casino in the same building as the icerink and bowling ally You couldn't have wished to meet a nicer bloke, a real gent. Unless of corse you crossed him ha ha I also remember seeing him on tv wrestling against chaps like Mick Mcmanus. Is he still around?
  4. I remember Tiny Atom,can't remember his real name. I knew him before he started D.Jing. Must have been around 1960 he came from Hackenthorpe. I remember his first car was a mini but it looked like a bloody great limo when he was driving. I don't know why but the name steve seems to ring a bell:clap:
  5. Any one remember the boxing club that was run in the barn at Dinnington Hall in the early 50s or a guy called David Watts from the late 50s, he was into horses
  6. Thanks for the info about this air crash. It was a long time ago and I didn't know any details. Now ref the area that you are interested in.Have you tried contacting the RAF Mountain Rescue team for that area, the team in question being the team based at RAF Stafford. I spent a lot of my time in the RAF on mountain rescue and each team member is issued with a list of all the coordinates for known crashes within their area. most of my time was spent in either Wales and Scotland so unfortunately I don't have any info on the area that your interested in
  7. This is to deadgobby. I think your imagination has got the better of my old mate with regards some one getting kicked to death. I work at the Esquire for most of the time it was open and no one was fataly injured that I know of. You mentioned Teds, well Ted were very old fashioned by then and they didn't wear winkle pickers. Teds wore suade soled brothel creepers. Still, good old days
  8. The thing I miss most is me not being there. I left Sheffield in 1968 when I joined the RAF. and have only been back a few times since then. I've only just discovered this forum, and having spent the last hour reading through I can tell you a little nostalgia has crept in causing a little home sickness. I remember most of the things that others have mentioned, quite a few I'd forgoten about. I don't know what has happened to the hole in the road and the giant fish tank but I can remember the hole in the road being dug. I'm afraid that history is a thing of the past:confused:
  9. I did my training at Treeton in 1959/60 before starting work at brookhouse. I have memories of a mate and me spending our bus fares on fags and having to walk home from Treeton to Beighton, ho happy days:clap:
  10. Hi Pat, ref air crashes in Sheffield. I used to have an aunt who lived in Frechville that I used to visit when I was a youngster, about 55 years ago. Some where in the back of my memory I seem to recall a jet aircraft crashing some where on the Burley estate quite near to where my aunt lived. I wonder if any one else might remember this crash
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