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  1. If it was a YAS (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) vehicle, you would be best to contact them HERE
  2. As far as I know they are, I used to work for a store on the Pinstone street row. The company rolled out an update on all their stores, but the Pinstone street store is on a rolling contract till they have to move on. Therefor that store did not get the update, about 4 - 5 years ago (when I worked there), they went to look at the old Blacks camping shop, but the council put off the relocation while they focused on the Moor.
  3. You can buy window film on a roll from Wilkinson's, its about £5 + a roll. It comes in patterns or window frosting (like your bathroom/toilet window). I'm not sure if they did clear film but the frosting film would probably work the best.
  4. As OP's issue has been resolved, now closing.
  5. If it's on the public highway, you would be best contacting Yorkshire water.
  6. Tonight's 100mb connection test
  7. I went in last night (Tuesday night) and I was offered the same. The place were rammed, no room to sit inside, either stand at the bar or sit on the only spare bench out side. Luckily it were a warm night.
  8. You could say that about the Naggs head, Bradfield brewery's pub. That's on a lane in the middle of no where, and it's constantly rammed. So this should be able to do well.
  9. I called in here on Monday and had the ginger ale, I were very impressed and will be back.
  10. Had the lights flick earlier and just happened now as I'm typing, I'm in S6 near B&M stores.
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